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    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated, and dont worry i am like a 7/11 open 7 days a week.
    Glad you like the service

    PS - i am looking at something where i set up the project for you in GSA and then do a back up and all you need to do is restore the back up to have a full set up campaign with 4 tiers. 3 Clicks to have a 4 tier full set up project everything filled in for you.
    Will post about it early next week.

    Onces again, many thanks for the positive feedback
  • Hello, i want to try this service and to have a free copy. Many thanks.
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    Thank you for the interest.
    Free review copies are on hold until those that received it ( @jjumpm2, @Drewdeezy @Metster )  post their reviews.

    In the meantime you are welcome to take a look at the sample pack, which is exactly what i provide when you purchase = The sample pack can be found here :   bottom right of the page redish block
  • Hi royalmice,

    Hope you remembered me. I purchased one set from you, and whoala all fields have been filled! This is the best service that anyone can get to compliment GSA SER. It only took me like what, 5 minutes to set up a whole campaign.

    Now I can focus on my websites that much quicker.

    Definitely will be getting more from this guy.

    ps: I will be getting some articles from him, and if it's of quality, he will be my one-stop-solution guy.
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    @antonyalston - I have completed your FREE review copy and have send you a email with the download link, and a PM will follow shortly with the same info.
    Hope you are happy with the results and i look forward to your review.

    @Liwern - Yes i remember you :-) I am very happy to see you had no problems with the import of the data packs. As i mentioned to you when we were chatting on Skype, i am working on a upgraded option where the import packs will also set the options and everything for you. It will be a 4 Tier Project  import, and apart from the import there will be nothing else u have to do apart from clicking start, you will have a 4 Tier project up and running in 3 minutes or less. Details will be shared as soon as i am ready...

    @on1x1 @bobbyd67 -- You have been given a FREE review coupon last week which entitle you to 100% discount. Until now i have not received your order details. Please note the Discount coupon you were given will expire on the 31st of this month, if you don't use it before then you will forfeit your free review copy.

    @jjumpm2 @Drewdeezy -- You have received your FREE review package last week but did not provide any review yet as you agreed to do. Please note if no review is received the package i have send you will be shared in the forum so everyone can download and review the package you got.

    Thanks and have a great Monday

  • Just  made another order.
    You are my permanent GSA content guy,
    I was gonna hire people to do it but this is way faster/cheaper and easier.
    You Rock! Your delivery times are awesome as well.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Many thanks -- much appreciate

    I have installed W3TC on my site a hour ago  -- can u let me know if everything worked fine on the site for you
  • The checkout page seemed a bit broken. The order went through though.
  • I mainly use GSA for my second tier links and it was always a pain to fill in all the data fields in GSA , for that reason I was not using GSA for few months. I got a datapack for GSA from royalmice and though of giving it a try.


    I would say it is amazing. Just follow his videos (if you are a newbie) just a few clicks and all your content needed for the campaign is DONE. My all i mean ALL except PDF which is again just a click or two. His PDFs are too good aswell.

    Another amazing thing is he provides email address which can be readily used for the campaigns.

    This is  super cool service and well worth $10. His support is excellent too, always available to help you with any questions or followups.


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    tawsifhossain Yeah the check out page will be fix in 2 min -- problem is caused by W3 Total Cache which i installed this morning, so possibly the cdn was not refreshed yet. - non the less i am disabling W3TC as i have some issues with it and Woocommerce.

    dotgirish Many thanks for your feedback, as always it is much appreciated and i look forward to continue working with you...
  • Woahh.. Give us a chance! Haven't actually had time to use it yet. Really don't appreciate you threatening to expose my niche!! Hows that good business?
  • A review of my data pack:

    You get exactly what the advert says! The data pack has everything you need to start a project, all keywords, content, emails and even PDF's!

    I think I am right in thinking that the content is built using Kontent Machine, so would be best for T2 up, but that is up to the individual user..

    All in all, great value at $10 - it would cost you more than that to hire a VA to do all this work! Like other people have pointed out, best to follow the videos if you are a newbie.
  • Why not just use Wicked Article Creator. WAC does all this for 1 time payment. At your current price Wicked Article Creator will pay for itself after 4 projects.
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    jjumpm2  Thank you for taking the time to come and do your review of the FREE GSA Ser data pack which you have received.

    I think you will like he pro version i will be offering later this week even more, as that will completely set up 4 Tiers, with all fields including the options in about 3 clicks. Will give you a heads up.

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    I have been working today on a upgraded version of my service.

    How would you like to have a 5 tier GSA Ser project - that is fully set up, and i mean fully set up which include 40 emails per tier, pdf's, article, comments, YouTube videos, comments - the works...

    Fully set up 5 tier project in about  5 Clicks

    I need a few people to try it out before the official launch - Invite will be send to those whom have supported me thus far.
  • royalmice how much would you charge for it?
  • so the options are set too and the engines are selected, so that really nothing else has to be done?
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    jjumpm2 - The price will be only a little more than the regular data pack and discount options for social share.

    svobada Yes that is correctall options are done, all emails set up, different platforms for different tiers, different filters etc.

    I am putting a blog post together with screenshots and maybe a video showing exactly what Platforms and what options are selected, should have all ready soon for a reveal.
    In the meantime if anybody want to try it out - just order the regular data pack from my site: and then in the remark colum when checking out mention the following in the notes field: "I Want A Free Upgrade To PLUS Version", and very importantly let me know whether u are currently use or not, as this will change what settings i use, if u don't know what sertools is then just say "I dont use SerTools"

  • I want to beta test this
  • Hi Royal Mice,

    I have been sick for a while and have not had a chance to do anything. I have sent you a pm regarding the coupon running out.

    Just read through the forum here, the service of fully setup backups would be interesting.

    I look forward to your reply on my pm to you.
  • Accepted Answer
    I have received and used my review copy of the data service. First off this service was quicker than expected I received my packet the same day I asked for the review copy! I got the looked over the long tail keywords included which was also more than I expected it was a very large amount. The PDFs were good even had images and with the help of the video all fields were filled easily. I would will order again the service and price point was excellent!
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    rodol - Thanks for the offer, please read the post just above yours in which i mentioned how you can try out the new PLUS version of the Data packs

    bobbyd67 - PM sent - Please see this post why your coupon expired :

    Drewdeezy Thank you very much for taking the time to post your review on the FREE GSA SER Data pack copy you have received. I am very glad that you happy with what you have receuived and the speed of the service. I look forward to continue working with you.

    I am now concentrating on getting the details ready for the new PLUS version which is the 5 fully set up tiers in 5 clicks  -- Hope to have it ready later this afternoon ( Thailand time - GMT+7 )
  • Your welcome I also noticed your web 2.0 linking services. I like your site and am looking forward to seeing the other services you will provide. I will order anouther pack as soon as I find the next niche to start a site around!
  • I would like to try your 5 tier plus version as well it sounds like the perfect thing to turbo charge a campaign
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    Drewdeezy Thanks for the interest in the 5 Tier version. Please follow the instructions given over here if you would like to try it out :

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    I cant edit a old post so please note the typo in this post :

    I mentioned u should let me know if you use, what i meant to say is you should let me know if you use - Web2.0 with GSA SER == If you are not sure then just say NO

    Got engulfed in work today so did not complete the details for the PLUS version - hope to do it tommorow
  • Accepted Answer
    Greetings all

    I was was lucky enough to review the plus service, which is essentially a project backup that gets imported in just a few clicks

    I promised a review and here it is:

    Ease of installation: 10/10 - just make sure you enable your proxies and if you have a OBL filter you would like to use (personally I only use that for contextual blog posts). Everything else is good to go, captcha settings, bad world filter... all the essentials to ready for you click start and link blast

    Content 9/10 - Its spun content (data is spintax, duh) which is the only reason I cant give it a 10/10. But as far as spun content goes its pretty damn readable and im impressed with the wikis I got out of this. Everything looks great I can't expect anything better unless its handwritten.

    Keywords 10/10 - I went through these wikis and other links and some of them used long tails that I probably wouldn't have found or thought of, the list is quite extensive and it'll give great keyword diversity (necessary for latest google updates)

    Tier setup 10/10 - works for me. Personally, I build contextual blog posts on their own tier separate from this and have strict OBL settings and PR settings. all of this you can adjust yourself. As always YMMV different people have different techniques.

    Overall I think its a great service for someone like me who has 0 time. I really would like to learn to use GSA to its full power but for right now I know I have someone that can help me out, especially since I don't own any software spinner or have practice with one, and the work still needs to get done. Great service for pay as you go :)

    Thanks for letting me test!

    Would buy again
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    f4llen  Wow thank you for the nice review of the GSA Ser PLUS service which builds 5 tiers in 5 min.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to write the detailed review.
    I believe the selected options in the PLUS version is a good solid base and can be used as is, but it is understandable that one glove dont fit all and as such you can simply make minor adjustments once set up that suits your needs.

    Once gain many thanks for the review.

    Have a great weekend
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    Made 5 orders hope to have it delivered soon.
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    tawsifhossain acknowledged with Thanks
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