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    Update on my server testing:

    After week of testings this provider, the server was undoubtedly faster with ssd, however he cant provide the 2 core/ 2gb vps at my 34eyuors charge a month due to cpu constantly maxed out and bandwidth it was eating.

    So, yesterday I order a dedi from another provider, is :

    Hardware data:

       CPU1 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz (Cores 8)
       RAM  12176 MB
       Disk /dev/sda: 1500.3 GB  (=> 1430 GIB)
       Disk /dev/sdb: 1500.3 GB  (=> 1430 GIB)
       Traffic: Unlimited

    I've got my server friend installing cracked windows server 2008 on it now. Will be completed in 30mins.

    This should run SER, CB, SEO indexer and sometimes Gscraper without problems :)

    For 44euros a month....beat that :P
  • @Zeusy Where did you get that dedicated server from?
  • Dont want to state publically as your suppose to pay them for windows license, which I dont and have my server guy sort for me:)  pm me and ill tell you who.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    Did you try us ???

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    @sammicurr I have messaged you GSA's special link.
  • @solidseovps ... just so you know... there is a typo on your front page ; *dominate

  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    @nicerice thanks
  • solidseovps, sold out...
  • solidseovps best service and Support.

  • Again? That domain was registered on March this year, now you know it's the best? No way. Been with other VPSes, cloud service and dedicated hosting for years. At the end of the day I always go with company who owns their own datacenter or have gone through insane business growth but survive.

    It's one thing to be able to get a few customers. It's another thing to be able to scale up and keep up with the growth.

    @solidseovps: What is your CPU spec? And how many users do you allow per server? Which virtualization technology do you run for SEO VPS? Xen, Xenserver, Vmware or Microsoft?

    I might want to consider and try your service, considering your price.

  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    @audioguy why dont you try us and decided yourself ? ;)
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    @badrman thanks :) hope we wont disappoint you
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    By doing your due dilligence and reading between the lines, you can get some good tips. 

    For example, it looks like the service 'solid..' is promoting uses a (dedi) server at Hetzner (see the speedtest image). Many budget VPS providers just buy a cheap dedi, created VPS's on it, then rent them out. 

    Cut out the middleman and just get a cheap dedi at a company like Hetzner. ;)
    (As mentioned above look for a hosting company with a solid reputation and has been around for a while).
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    @JackSparrow, How can you tell what we do if you never tried us? by the way Hetzner is one of our datacenters, we do provide softlayer as well as ovh? and we are not the only one here i guess that use hetzner :)

    @JackSparrow, i would say instead of coming writing all these here, either try us, or go get your own dedi from hetzner and save yourself some words ;)

  • @solidseovps I wanted to, but you never answered my question. @JackSparrow has every right to chime in and educate other forum members. Why don't you stop asking people to sign up but instead provide a good pre-sales support?

    To all forum members, it's normal for new VPS to have good performance because they don't have lots of customers on a server yet. But things can just go down the hill if managed incorrectly, due to company policy, overselling, etc.

    Just general info, not referring to any service.
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    @audioguy, I agree but we have been in hosting business for over 8 years now, solidseovps is our new project and its growing fast and we will always support it and improve it to the max to provide end users the best services a hosting provider would provide, we also do provide a real 24/7 support not like any other just state on their website and you would have to wait for hours for a respond

    to answer your question, we provide production environment virtualization such as xenserver and vmware..

    We allow users to up to 75% resources of the server, we never oversell or even cap up to 90% like most would do, our servers specs vary based on the datacenters we use, we are currently use hetzner, softlayer and ovh

    each and everyone has there own specs.

    I have seen some quite vps provider here that use shitty hyper-v and calling themselves high performance packages provider which we all know how hyper-v perform, and also people in hosting business know why people that would go hyper-v is the cheapest virtualization options and thats the only reason people go hyper-v for windows virutalizations, but we dont and we wont do it, because we want to provide a real stable production high performance vpses, however these same provider would provide there vps for 100USD a month which is completely ripoff :)

    I hope i answered all your questions ;)
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    @solidseovps What is your parent company? If you don't want to post here, feel free to PM me.

  • @darman82, Hetzner can be a bitch sometimes. They're cheap, but also use cheap hardware for servers and networking. And cheap don't equal reliable.
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    @darman thats funny.... let me check it for you
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    this is your speedtest :) i left open for you on your vps
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    @Crownvic, yes they can be, i hate them, but alot of our clients seems to like them, so we have to provide them along other datacenters we use
  • Just wanted to share my recent experience with Hetzner.  Their dedicated server prices are one of the cheapest.  Internet speed is OK (100 Mbps, they have some newer products with 200 Mbps, some other vendors offer 1 Gbps though).  SER is running a few projects.  After approx. 100K submissions, I got an email from them saying that my server is being blocked because it is "attacking" other servers.  They might suspect that my server might have been compromised by some rootkits or malware.  I'm pretty sure SER submission was the cause of this as I have several other servers which are doing alright (they are not for SEO at all).

    Does anyone have this particular experience (maybe with other vendors)? i.e. server got disabled because excessive outbound traffic?
  • @Bluejacket Did you use private proxies for all things?
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    @solidseovps Do you have a coupon code for gsa users?
  • Poweruphosting cancelled my vps,saying due to a TOS violation.But Isn't this to use  SER?? Wasn't It recommended  to use SER? I think they don't know what they are talking about. 

    I had three reboots this month causing a damage because who knows how long SER was down? A total mess.

    They are using this TOS thing to avoid refunding, let's see what Paypal and my bank say about this.

    So a little piece of advice here: stay away from them, they are totally useless.
  • I'm new to all this.. What would be the reason for running GSA Email Spider on VPS?

    Does google block you if you use this at home? I'm thinking of getting the Solidseovps. Which plan will suit me?

    I want to use keywords and URLs to search as many emails as possible.

    Thank you all for your advice.
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