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Should I Use Those "New" Options?

I have a bunch of campaigns already running and noticed Sven added a few more options like "Use character spinning where possible" and 3 others.

Does anyone know if I should stop SER and check all those on in all my current projects?

Also, I run GSA SER on a stand alone desktop computer I have and ever since using it I hear the hard disk "whirring" noise all the time. It get loud, then soft, then loud again. Is that normal?


  • It's entirely up to you which options you use. Test it yourself and see if your results improve I.e. verified and indexed go up.
    The noise I would guess is your CPU fan mine does the same. If it's your HDD you better make sure you back up your data quick because that doesn't sound good
  • Thanks, How can I back up all my GSA SER Data?
  • When you open the Global Options, Backup and Restore are on the bottom left.

    I think he meant back up everything, though, and get a new hard drive, because if that's what's making the noise it's gon' die.
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    the HDD could also made some noise if its in heavy read/write mode. maybe defrag your HDD to see if it make a difference. that said, i don't know if it has a huge effect anymore since win7.
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