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Getting rid of Profile links - "idea"

edited May 2013 in Need Help

as stated in another thread i have slight problems with my contextual T1. I'm using GSA exclusively for it and i'm yielding good contextual links. BUT a lot of the created links are profile links which i don't need/want, since its wasted ressources to run another tier on them + they are no good for ranking, probably the contrary.

What i do is, i delete them daily by "select by mask" and entering "profile, member, activity" (one after the other), that way i can delete most of the profile links fast. For the Rest i watch out if it says http://xxxxURLxxx/randomname and delete those manually. It's really annoying, because it involves a ton of manual work and sometimes GSA reaches the 10 link per day limit with 9 profile links ... and i have to reset the project after deleting the profile ones.

i cant babysit GSA every 2 hours so i've been thinking about a solution today.

There is that option to tell GSA to "skip URL's where the following words appear".
Can i add member, profile, etc. there and it won't create the link? I dont know exactly how this works; and the problem with profiles is that it creates a new page and the word "profile" appears after it created the link. but maybe it won't at least put that link to the verified list? (if it doesnt appear there it does at least NOT get any T2/T3 links and will probably never be indexed, so i would be fine with that solution).

Btw, i know that sven said he'll implement a solution for this, but i need at least a 1b solution for this soon because i'm leaving for holidays and don't have internet there, so GSA should really be able to run on its own for 1 week.

Best Regards

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  • Accepted Answer
    Paste this into "select by mask"
    Then delete the profiles


  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    that doesn't work as you will also skip many, many sites where you could actually post an article to (if not all).
    i fear you have to life with it like anyone else.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Not sure if that idea would work, but this issue definitely needs resolved :/. Tier 1 links are not, nor should they ever be, profile links - especially to the amount that GSA makes them. I've had to make edits on nearly 85% of the contextual engines to get rid of making a profile link (and yet some still slip by even after the edits somehow). Maybe it's time for a new scripting variable, something along the lines "profile=1" <-- which would indicate that the STEPs are creating a profile (and then the EXTRA_STEPs would create the article and profile=0, or 0 by default). Then in the settings on a project-by-project basis allow users to turn that on or off.
  • thanks seagull, and i'd add "activity" since 95% of these are profile links too :)
  • definitely agree. we don't need such links. i hope new feature comes to disable such link profile composition.
  • SvenSven
    "we don't need such links" << who is we? Please don't take you as a reference to everything.
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    latest update should make everyone happy ;)

    well done, Sven!
  • Did he do *it*?
    Holy shit I cant wait to get home..
  • yes, i didn't test it out until now, but you are able to define which kind of backlinks you like to create on project basis (contextual, url, profiles, forum posts etc.).

    happy holiday ;)
  • Thank god internet cafes exist
  • THANKS Sven

    so which i option should i choose for only contextual link?
  • what is this very bottom url
    we really need some explanation :D
  • My girl will hate me but I've gotta go through that tonight.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Awesome awesome awesome :). Only tested on a few engines thus far, but it's looking promising!

    I agree with the others, a little explanation on each time would be great. My only real confusion though is that a lot of those checkboxes overlap each other. Such as, "Article" and "Contextual" would be the same thing... no? Do we need both checked to make an article post, or just one?
  • edited May 2013
    maybe "article" is for the engines not allowing html links. maybe sven will explain but im gonna try and find that out myself now :)

    the "spam" option seems to be replaced by "article wiki" now. first thing i figured out ;)

    i go and run 10 "spam" campaigns now on some (un)lucky peoples pages now and see what GSA spits out ;)
  • SvenSven

    OK let em explain (thought it is self-explainable though):

    As @Startrip figured out the "spam option" is gone. though nothing has be be changed in projects to get the same behavior as before (settings are converted). If that option was off, than the checkboxes with "Article-Wiki" and "Forum Post" are unchecked.

    • OK now what do these link types mean? You see things like...
    • Profile-URL << a profile link is created with just the URL as anchor text
    • Profile-Contextual << a profile link is created with surrounding text that you define in "About Yourself"
    • Profile-Anchor text << a profile link is created with your defined anchor text

    Same for the rest. If one link has no direct type it is just called "Anchor text" or "Contextual". I might change that to some better readability but I thing you got the meaning now (I hope at least).

    These names for link types are free configurable in the engine files. So you can as well search for that text and see in what engines it is used.

  • edited May 2013
    So if i tick Article AND contextual, GSA will only post if it can place an Article and put a contextual link in it? Or do i have to tick Article+contextual+anchor text?

    I hope this is not because of the few beers, but I'm a bit confused with this (well, not confused, just not sure what to tick yet).

    However, i set up 6 projects now with different ticks and will have a look at the outcome tomorrow.

    Thanks a big f.. lot sven for this great feature. Maybe i'm overenthusiastic but this is the best option of the program in my opinion :))

    Best Regards

  • edited May 2013
    @Sven what does very bottom URL do ?

    And for only individual pages which ones should be selected
  • ronron
    edited May 2013

    +1 @sven.

    @Sven - I want to make sure we all get this right:


    The main question we all have is: If you never want a profile built on any platform (in particular the T1 projects aiming straight at the money site), you simply uncheck the 3 Profile boxes toward the bottom.


  • ronron
  • SvenSven

    @ron, yes thats correct. Each item in that box is a link type, not combining e.g. "URL" or "Contextual".

    I just didn't find a good name for the link type that leaves just a URL as anchor but is no Profile, so I called it simply URL. Might change the name to something people here prefer more. Im open for suggestions ;)

  • Great - I wasn't completely sure what "URL" referred to, although I figure that it may be all URL's except for profile URL.

    How about calling it "All URL's except profile URL's"

  • ronron
    edited May 2013

    @Sven, so then my next question has to do with your sentence above:

    "If one link has no direct type it is just called "Anchor text" or "Contextual". I might change that to some better readability but I thing you got the meaning now (I hope at least)."

    I guess I still am not sure, so let me ask the question a different way. What is the difference between:

    Edit ( I think it just hit me as soon as I posted):

    Comment - Anchor Text (Where you only get the link in the 'Name' field using your anchor text)

    Comment - Contextual (Where SER can leave a link in the body of your comment)

    Comment - Contextual / Anchor Text (Where it can do both of the above)

     Is this correct?

  • SvenSven
    @ron correct yes.
  • ronron

    Beautiful. :)

  • Okay, i've let it run overnight with different options and basically you really just have to untick the 3 profile things PLUS you have to remove Plone. For some reason (there probably is one that i don't know, i dont say it's a bug ;) ) Plone still posts profile links, but i never liked that engine anyways.

    Really cool thing that option and time to re-organise my projects.

    Best Regards

  • edited May 2013
    Maybe it's not good idea to stop posting profile links overnight because:
    1. You're leaving a huge footprint if you switch off all profiles on the same date as "everybody else"
    2. I've not found profiles harmful in any way pointing to money site.
  • SvenSven
    @Startrip Plone had a wrong link type added in script, fixed it now for upcoming version.
  • +1 for what @seagul said , Profile links are not harmful just don't create a ton of them in one day!. Of course you don't want to build tier2 for profile links and that is a very easy task now with the great new feature thanks to @sven.
  • >>> Seagul: Maybe it's not good idea to stop posting profile links overnight

    Im not stopping it at all and im not afraid they will harm my page. I just had a problem with the article/profile ratio in a lot of engines. If i set it to 10 Articles per day i dont need 2 Articles and 8 Profiles :D

    Now the profiles can be put into the secondary links where they belong :)

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