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I have found a solution for low Drupal sites success rate

edited March 2013 in Need Help
Hello everyone !

Since i am also, as a lot of other gsa users, interested in Drupal sites i was researching a lot on how to improve the success rate and i have found a problem and a solution for it.

So the main problem are the emails which comes from Drupal sites, a lot of them have, for GSA, misunderstandable text, because there is a lot of sites in other languages, most common language is Russian, as far as i saw on Drupals, and if you check GSA Drupal configuration you will find the following :

extract from email=password=email_pw,pw_reset_link

While password which comes in emails from Russian web sites is written as : "ΠΏΠ°Ρ€ΠΎΠ»ΡŒ", GSA does not understand it and skip it, so even if you had a successful registration, GSA does not see it, therefore he skip that site.

There is also another problem, some Drupal web sites, send password as : Password = Your Password , and GSA save it as Your Password in stead of the password we picked up during the registration process, so when GSA try to log into that web site, he will use password=Your Password and it will fail.

Now, i have found a solution, which is not the greatest, it is very slow actually to complete, but it is worth because once you do it, you will be able to post millions of times with same accounts.

You will need Xrumer ( you can buy VPS with preloaded xrumer for 50-70$/month ), Mozzila, Mozzila AutoFill 3.6 addon, Notepad++ or EmEditor or some other advanced text editor and Thunderbird.

Now for the first step, find as much as drupal sites you can, and load up links file into the Xrumer,

now choose in Advanced Option - Register Only and ( this is important ) DISABLE EMAIL ACTIVATION.

Create project and choose your desired username and password, and everything else just fill up randomly.

And let it create accounts.

Once it's done, load your email account into the Thunderbird, make sure you check POP3 connection and let it download all emails.

Now right click on your email account's inbox in Thunderbird and click Properties and you will see "Location"  which begins with mailbox:///

Now copy paste everything after that "mailbox:///"

It looks something like this :


Now open up Explorer ( My Computers ) and copy paste that into the URL bar above and it should load up tons of text in your default text editor.

Now, what i usually do is that i load up the list with EmEditor and click CTRL+F and in search for field type : /reset/ and then click Bookmark all.

Then i go to Edit -> Bookmarks -> This Document -> Extract bookmarked lines to new file

Now you will have all reset links in a new file.

Now, load up all of them in excel in 1st row and in second row type in : /login

Now make sure you copy / paste that "/login" from the first link till the last and copy all of them into the text editor ( in this case i use Notepad++)

Now you will see there is a space between reset link and /login, simply copy that space field and go to CTRL+F -> replace -> paste that field and below delete everything and click ok, now it will delete the space between links and /login.

Now load up one of sites into the Mozzila and you will see it will ask you to change password, and you will see two password fields, now right click on both of them ( one by one ) and you will see AutoFill option and click Add rule for this field and type in your password.

Now simply load all of the sites you have, it will open a lot of tabs ( if your pc is slow, do it 100 by 100 ), and all you will have to do in Mozzila is to click SUBMIT, or simply press enter anywhere on the page and it will save it.

Once you are done you will have to import those sites into the GSA, that's easy and i hope you know how to do that ( hint : Tools - Import - Accounts Data ), if you don't know how to do it, search for the tutorial on this forum or check manuals.

I hope i have helped you guys with this, after you complete this, you will have really high success rate, unless there is no option to post a content on some of drupal sites ( which is common ) but you will still have a decent success rate.

Also, a hint for GSA developers, you could change Drupal verification system to check this reset URLS and change passwords, instead of collecting automatically generated passwords from emails, that way you would automate all this hassle we have to do :( .

Once you do this guys, please, post a comparation between your old success rate and a new one :).

All the best




  • +1 for you. I hope that Sven will increase the succes rate of Drupal blogs, i saw alot of spam to death drupal blog where GSA couldn register or post (registry was open).
  • Yeah, drupal is spammed to death because every single link is DoFollow, and for some reason google loves drupal articles. I also hope that GSA developers will make possible to post comments on Drupal, Xrumer can do that, but for some reason xrumer is very bad when it comes to posting articles, he can post only drupal forum topics, while GSA can post stories, articles, blogs and other kind of stuff.

    I know there is some kind of a mod for xrumer which automate everything and make possible to post on every single drupal site and article, but i have never found it, i have only found drupal-x-bomber for old xrumer 5 which does not do anything lol.

    But i have switched from Xrumer to GSA because GSA can post on trackbacks and Oxwall links, and if you are doing blackhat ranking for high competitive keywords you will know how important they became recently.

    Trackbacks, oxwall's and drupal's are currently on the top of the line for rapid ranking on google. If Sven could improve, or at last, add Drupal commenting, GSA would beat Xrumer in every single way, starting from the price :).
  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    post those example urls next time to improve the engine as it cost plenty of time to find particular target urls. this will speed up things significally instead of Sven has to search a couple of hours only to find a few targets urls which could be improved or not (who knows beforehand??!).
  • inurl:/node/ "payday loans"
    inurl:/?q=node/ "payday loans"
    inurl:/article/ "payday loans"

    Couldn't be more simple :), since i have add "payday loans" it means that other guys are already posting their payday loans articles on those drupals.

    Besides, the process i have explained is same for every site since GSA can and already does register on Drupals, just change the way GSA verify emails, instead of collecting automatically generated pw from emails, visit the reset button and reset it to the project's password.

    Everything is already in GSA, just need to change few things, and i assume it should be easy.
  • SvenSven

    Well thats not really an issue here. The engine is configured to handle all the above things already.

    Russian is no issue as passwords can also get extracted be 1. search by %login%than by ":" and take all till the end of the line. If it has the word Your (must have=!Your) in will reject that password and use the one sent before. And if it has a link from the email, it uses that one and continues instead of using the login url. So in my eyes all is covered already.

  • maybe these issues are covered, i believe you. but nevertheless i also scraped my drupal blogs with the footprints above (and a lot of more like that) so that i only scrape drupal blogs where some seo already posted to with xrumer or something else. result is the same - payday loans guys can post 10.000 times and me just 1000 of their blogs.
  • then scrape those urls, import the urls to a dummy project and activate the debugger. also save your log to file when importing and report back whats not working and why its not working.
  • Fantastic contribution dariobl :-) +1 for improving Drupal - we all want the linkjuice

    Sometimes I hate how I say +1 for improvements - as if I'm a dissatisfied customer. GSA software ROCKS!
  • i like to update the drupal engine for gsa user,  any one like the update?  anyone want help me with it like offer a list.
  • If you;ll work on it I'll send over as many drupal sites u want.
  • wow I have to see, posters like you are the reason why we can make so much advancement
  • I did have a little play with this and the debugger, and as far as I can see the issue is that the verification link in emails from recent versions of drupal is not being detected, despite the 'find url=' appearing to match the pattern of the url.

    I couldn't believe the issue would be that the drupal emails are plain text, and so I was wondering if perhaps there is a character limit on what SER considers a valid url? The Drupal urls all follow patterns like this:


    which I would have thought should be covered by:
    find url=*/user/reset/*|*/user/validate/*
    and yet all the sites I've tested appear to return

    15:00:58: [+] Found 0 URL(s) (0 verify, 0 login) for http://.. in E-Mails
    15:00:58: [+] Found 0 URL(s) (0 verify, 0 login) for http://.. in E-Mails
    15:00:58: [+] Found 0 URL(s) (0 verify, 0 login) for http://... in E-Mails
    15:00:58: [+] Found 0 URL(s) (0 verify, 0 login) for E-Mails
    15:00:58: [+] Found 0 URL(s) (0 verify, 0 login) for http://... in E-Mails

    I've done quite a bit of work with regex in the past but this does have me stumped since as far as I can see the urls do fit the pattern yet still aren't being found - unless "find url" only works on html or the url is being truncated.
  • Did you sign up for one manually? If so, you should be able to see if they are being truncated.

  • SvenSven
    @namdas the log might be a bit irritating. It shows 0 verify and 0 login because it is not downloading any data from the emails. Nevertheless the URL has been found and is used on LOGIN_STEP1. I am changing the log output for next release.
  • Thanks, that'll explain it! :)
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