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Anyon experiencing a google slap for their GSA sites?

I've had one rank from #2 to > 100 for multiple keywords.  i was using olny GSA being pretty aggressive on tier one but all money keywords < 10% anchor text so shouldn't trigger penguin.


  • I had around 30 Sites slapped. :/
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    Did you guys get any notification in webmaster tools, if you use that?
  • I don't use WMT or analytics.  So I wouldn't be able to tell you that.  But I read on other forums that other people were.
  • i'vebeen travelling so haven't been keeping up on forums was there an update rolled out?
  • I noticed a drop last week. I guessed an update too. 
  • @hunar  how many links per day were you building?  tiers or direct linking? 

    I heard that if they slap one of your sites, all sites hosted in the same server get slapped as well, I hope that doesn't happen to me, since I've more than 50 sites in my server.
  • @prodak I don't believe they slap all sites on that server. Just think about shared hosting packages. They could be slapping sites for no reason.
  • So what could be done to prevent and/or recover from the slap?
  • @saga I also thought of that... who knows I read it from a WSO of a very respected SEO guy... But I also doubt it. 

    @jerryji I guess you have to try to get your spammy links deindexed, or you can buy an alternative domain and make a 301 redirect and rank it again, also I heard that if you build super quality links you can get out of the sandbox... but again its all rumors.
  • you have to have authority site ..well then you can even blast your site with spammy blog comments and nothing will happend (probably it will even help you )
  • @Chymmi what would you consider an "authority site"? 
  • O ou :) My site just droped from pos 14 to 36 for a 110k exact kw. Was adding just manual web2.0s to it (with some tier2 backlinks) and few social bookmarks directly to money page...

    Lets see if it is just a dance or a slap :(
  • I have a few sites started around the same time with only GSA for links. One vanished yesterday but the rest seem to have no changes.

    I am confused as to why this one vanished (not in top 1000) and others did not when they were around the same size and links were built in the same way?

    Hunar, 30 sites is hectic - did you also have some that survived?
  • I have around 500+ sites.  So 30 isn't to bad at all. 

    I did notice that the ones that got penalized hard.  I was doing All of the platforms for T1 except for whois/refferrer.    The ones that specifically did contextual didn't get hit to hard.   Maybe a -5 slap. 
  • Still 30 sites is a lot (time to get your cloning software out:))

    The one that I had nailed only had contextual links in the first tier.

    Not sure how you managed to build 500 sites - that is a lot!!!
  • lol,  that's over the course of 5 years. :) 

    But I always have domains expiring and also constantly buying new ones.  Setting up between 20-25 per week.  So yes 30 isn't a lot but I'll just remake those sites. :)

    I know a guy that has 1,200.  But he also has a team of employee's. 
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Interesting discussion but what are the factors that have caused this? 
  • Nobody seems sure yet. There is a lot of chatter about Google going after the SAPE link network which seems to have become quite popular, but, none of my sites used it.
  • Matt Cutts tweeted a few weeks ago that they were focusing on some Russian link software

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    The more i've been looking it on my sites personally.  I think it may have something to do with ON page seo As well.  I looked a couple of sites. 

    One was the .net  The other was the .org both were Partial emd's.    Both had links built to them in exactly the same way. Only difference between the 2 was on page seo.    The .net had a slighter higher keyword density.  vs the .org  both had images in the same spots.  Yet the .net was penalized to all hell while the .org remains just fine.  

    I also put these 2 sites on Different Class C IP's. 

    I'm gonna look at all the other ones to see if there are similar things going.
  • thanks for the share @Hunar

    please keep us posted :)
  • @Hunar, thanks for sharing your findings
  • Yeah, let us know what you find out as I am still completely puzzled as to what triggered the problem.
  • Panda's coming again.. look at the time intervals here, i've been expecting it for the last 2 weeks now...
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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     Are you only using GSA SER for the link building or mixing in other things as well? While SER is great for getting you to the top pretty quick there are other things you should do when you get there or get close to the first page.

    When I start getting close, if I want to keep the site there I will start doing other things like high PR blog posts (private network), niche related guest posts, social shares, etc.

    The good thing about SER is it works great to get you to the top pretty quick for medium & low competition keywords and lets you kinda "test the waters" to see if the niche is really worth pursuing.

    It's great for my Adsense sites because I can build out a small site with quality content and have SER get me to the top quickly to start testing the traffic and see how the clicks and CPC convert. If the CPC is good, I will add more content and begin to convert the site into a "higher authority" type site I want to keep around for the long run. I'll focus strongly on getting a good website page speed and internal linking + add more content + throw in some other off site page SEO such as quality niche related guest posts and high PR private blog network. Of course you have to be extremely careful with private networks because if you get links from a network that gets tanked, its worthless.

    Other things to do would be to find niche related YT videos that have a channel with some age and PR, then message the owner and ask if they would add a link to your website in the info box for some $$.

    All of this adds up to help you keep your sites on the top and bringing in the money :)

    You do all of this and you won't have to worry about Google slap.

    SER + Your Brain FTW.

  • davbeldavbel UK
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    +1 @s4nt0s :-)

    Social works more so now than it ever has, especially with the brand bias that Google currently has. 

    I've having some great results with one site which has got a ton of pins and repins.

    My Prediction - Google will either buy Pinterest or devalue their links.

    You heard it here first lol :D
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    Are these natural pins or did you buy them?
    How many pins are we talking about?

    I just started a test a couple of days ago with bought pins, but they index very very slowly. Throwing trackbacks at them now.
  • @ komakino

    All natural and about 30-50 per page.

  • Got few of my sites slaped today. Quality content, human written, GSA PR1+ tiered links + SAPE.

    Anyone else got slapped today ?

    Anyone recovered from the recent slap ?
  • There is lots of speculation that Google has done an update over the last few days
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