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Hello there, I'm about to get a VPS from Berman Hosting, but I've some doubts, please help: 

1) Will I be able to install my GSA products on them, using my current serial number?  (I already have it installed in my home pc) (Its ok if the software works only on the VPS).

2) Which package to get at Berman Hosting... basic $15 per month is 1gb ram, 100Mbps bandwidth.  with extra $5 per month.. bandwidth goes up to 1Gbps (is this worth it?). Or extra package 26 per month, is 2gb ram and 2 processor cores... there's also the extra $5 for the 1Gbps uplink... not sure what to buy. 

Thanks a lot.


  • Really don't think you need the 1GBPS, but you do need the 2GB ram and two cores, don't forget to add the cost for windows SO (1$ i think)

    I changed from a vps with 1gbps to the 26 package and i'm still haven't been near the 100mbs.
  • thanks man, what windows should I choose, Windows 7 is ok?  32 or 64 bit?
  • OzzOzz
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    2008 server R2 standard
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