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setup for the same title with the same h tags

Hi there,
I would like to enter longtail keywords in bulk in CG and receive a text for each keyword. the special thing in the 
text should be that each keyword is given the same title and appears as a subheading in a few h tags. There is a lot of discussion on BHW about KGB or other combinations in order to quickly get keywords into the top 10. Can the CG deliver a text with the same title and headline as the keyword for each search word?


  • SvenSven
  • i have test it with different setups and with this setup it works, but i get moretimes content for the same title. what can i do that i get only 1 times for 1 keyword 1 articel?


    Result, but i only want 1 article for this keyword:

    this is my other setup:

  • SvenSven
    select articles->right click->change titles...
  • yes i find this function.

    but my idea is auto content generation for an blog.

    i want to insert 100 keywords and get 100 articles to autopost on my blog. for every keyword only 1 article without manually work.

    actually i get 500 articles and make many manually changes so i dont can take GS CG for autoblogging - but your tool is the best for good content :-)
  • SvenSven
    hmm what other manual changes than the titles?
  • actually i make this manually changes:

    - Title
    - Insert very clickable meta description with call to action text.
    - delete brand names or autority person names (so that my content dont get in alerts from them...)
    - insert Add-in datas or authority links i dont can take, because the most links that CG takes are from my competitors with DA30-DA50, not form high DA sites like DA85+ like wiki pages, yellowpages or city administration pages ...

    that are my manually work today.

    I would like to emphasize again because your tool is the best of all content generating tools on the market, and i have tested many many tools...

  • SvenSven
    titles: you can try translating titlegen.dat into German and use that for very unique titles. That one is used if there are not enough titles found
    delete brands: if thats always the same, you can add it to project filter
    addin: you can scrape it once, delete things in the list and disable the scrapers. Then you don't have to manually go through it all the time.
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