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How to avoid SE penalties with GSA SER?

I have full licence of GSA SER and Captcha Breaker, and ready to use full potential of both softwares. But I would like opinions on how to structure a campaign that decreases the chances of SE penalties, particularly from Google. Or at least delay them.
I have an affiliate site, 1 month aged domain I was building links to recently, from a verified URL list.
The site was increasing rankings but did the "Google dance", and in SEMRush it now says the site is not ranking for any Top 100 keywords, so I assume I tanked it with my link building. It is still ranking at the 1st page for some keywords in Bing though, so it is Google.

I am using a VPN I pay already for with proxies, to switch to different IP addresses instead of a list of private proxies. Is it safer to use private proxies than VPN? 

Of course, there is many variables involved but are there general rules of thumb to consider for link building strategy to avoid Google penalties? Like using project tiers, high quality spintax or more NoFollow than DoFollow links? I'd like to build my own links long-term instead of buying links from PBNs for example because of my budget. Because of the nature of my strategy, I can't easily get whitehat links from others from contextual, high quality sites and I plan to build many sites along the same lines. I am not building high authority blogs with loads of content.


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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    " Is it safer to use private proxies than VPN? "

    Use high quality  private proxies. I don't know if there are VPNs that approach the quality of some of the best private proxy providers.

    But either way, this won't affect a possible penalty with Google!

    "I'd like to build my own links long-term instead of buying links from PBNs for example because of my budget."

    Good plan. Relying on others, well they can get their blog networks banned. And, what do they care? They just take it down, start a new site, and point their (good) backlinks there.

    " Like using project tiers, high quality spintax or more NoFollow than DoFollow links?"

    Tiers: Trusted sources say to use a redirect at T1. Or GOOD high Domain Authority sites (wordpress, twitter, etc.) Or a super high quality Tier 1 blog site, not a crappy blog network!

    Tier 1 is your HIGHEST tier. (not lowest--for the longest time I was soo spun...when ppl on here talked about "lowest" tier, I thought they meant tier with lowest numerical value. Uht uh, nope!~ Just the opposite.

                            |        |         |            
                          T2    T2      T2
              |       |           |       |           |       |
             T3    T3        T3     T3        T3     T3  <--see? Lowest in pyramid, VISUALLY!!!

    If you use Spintax at T1, make sure it is GOOD.  Google can read, at this point. I'm sure it can tell excellent writing from so-so writing, from crappy writing to unreadable mish-mash.

    And if the spintax has too many articles that are too similar, that's not good either. Tho I am unsure of specifics on what percentage uniqueness from one another you need.

    Make sure your T1 links are LONG-LIVED. Else, your link pyramids will be a total waste of time, money, and system resources. This isn't about penalties, but it is about not wasting your time.

    As far as other questions about avoiding penalties, I do not know. I need help with this, also. I am in your situation, I think. I built too many junk links to T1. :( I didn't use GSA as well as I could have, not even close. :(

    Don't know how to recover from this. Some people say just build lots of new good links, others say use the link disavow tool, and remove what you can. Any help with this part I'd appreciate also.
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  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    Accepted Answer
    Don't point GSA links directly to money site. Create tier 1 links like web 2.0s and build GSA links to those

    For extra caution you can build 301 shorteners to the tier 1 and use GSA to build links to shorteners 
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  • Tim89Tim89
    Accepted Answer
    In a perfect world, you would want control of all your tier 1 properties so you can switch them on or off depending on SERP results, this is one of the reasons for not using SER directly on a moneysite, because you can't really control these links as many people use SER as a blasting tool.

    Much easier to set up 10-100 web 2.0s or PBN links where you have the ability to delete them or control the content/outbound links on them with ease when you need to, this obviously becomes much harder when you're needing much more ranking power and wanting to diversify your websites link profile.

    Go ahead and spam your tier 2+ links with SER all day long though, depending how much you want to risk that tier 1 property in the future.
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  • Thanks guys, I meant to reply earlier. Interesting advice, particularly about redirects. So to confirm, the SEs would identify the 301 redirects as backlinks to my money site, not the URL shortener service itself? eg. - I'm still quite new to SEO concepts.
    And would this way likely make the ranking process a bit slower, than directly pointing links to money site?  I'm running GSA softwares on a Windows 7 VM fyi, sharing resources with my Mac. 
    My recent site is still penalised I'm pretty sure - is it worth removing the GSA links to it?
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