How many LPM should I have with these settings

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Hello there, 

I been using GSA SER for 2 days now, and I'm getting super slow LPM (about 0.37), 
I'm running the software in my personal computer (4GB Ram) with my home internet (20 Mbps)
I'm using 10 semi-dedicated buyproxies.  

I'm testing 2 projects, trying to send to all kinds of links, with 156 english search engines,  no global lists (still dont understand that)... GSA Captcha Breaker and GSA SEO Indexer.... 

About 2000 keywords in each project. 

I been trying to find some advice on the forum about what settings to use, but I still don't get it.  I see that everybody is running the software in VPS.. I just don't have the money to do that yet.  After I start to rank my sites and make some money I'll do it for sure. 

Please help to increase my LPM, at this rate its frustrating. 

Thanks a lot


  • scpscp
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    Please see my recommendations here -

    The information in the threads I listed will give you more than enough information to get more out of SER
  • just found that my 10 semi dedicated proxies (buyproxies) are all temporary (I hope) banned from Google and most other big search engines...

    I'm using my proxies for everything, can you advice some settings to avoid this ban?  how do you guys overcome this problem? 
  • your PR filters are too high also your obl filters.
  • I use 10 semi dedicated from the same company and haven't had any issues. I use these 10 for Scrapebox, other software tools and SER.

    Go thru the LPM thread, make all the changes that are listed and try again. I can tell you that you have too many search engines for sure.
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