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Hey guys!

It's been a long time since I've posted here. I've been busy building software but have recently gotten back into the SEO game. 

I have about 10 different niche relevant private blog networks that are about 25 sites each. 

My question is whether you guys think this strategy would work. I have access to a few thousand high quality articles. 

PBN sites <--- RankerX properties (web 2.0 and the likes)<--- GSA contextuals from a list service

In 2017 does something like this work. I have quality content as well as about pages for all of the web 2.0s I can build. 

Thanks in advanced for the thoughts?


  • shaunshaun
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    This is similar to what I have planned for my new projects but my test projects have manually created web 2.0s as their T1 before I shell out for domains. Its too early to tell if it will work yet though as I only started it up around a week or so again.
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
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    RX works awesome for T1, but impossible to only rank with 2.0s to first page, you have to have real backlinks aswell from real sites, that has traffic.
  • @antonearn and @shaun Would you recommend just sticking with the Web 2.0s and PBN sites and staying away from GSA?
  • shaunshaun
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    I have a bunch of stuff being tested right now. Some stuff is 100% automation with RX/SER, some is manual T1 on web 2.0 with RX/SER on T1 to dilute anchors and increase RD and T2/T3 to power up the manual T1 and I have just placed some content orders for some PBN tests too.

    If you read the Fred posts over on BHW it seems noone really understands what it was targeting and a wide bunch of sites were hit by it so there are a bunch of people starting from scratch again.
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
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    Web 2.0s, PBN sites and Links from real sites that has traffic = winning. @cinnamonspice ;
  • Tim89Tim89
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    If that's the case, set up a cheap PBN and then send cheap traffic to the PBNs on a constant basis.
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    Depends on what you mean by "PBN". 

    My current setup is MS<PBN<2.0<GSA. I also sprinkle GSA across the lower tiers and even on occasion to my MS.

    I have recovered from Fred. My findings were that Fred erased a LOT of my historical backlink profile. So it wasn't a penalty, but rather a loss of what used to be called PR by metric standards. I had a big hole to backfill, but it was a useful exercise as my new efforts were of a much higher quality so boosted me.

    Back to the PBN issue. Many think PBN's can be outsourced by using a PBN service. This may be the case. I have never used one. But a real PBN is a self-owned, self-hosted, self-posted domain. I have been collecting PBN domains along the way as budget allows. Some I started greenfield, some I purchased as expired domains. They date back up to 10 years now. I do pretty well with them in Serp's of 1M++  I would suggest anyone getting into the PBN game not to sweat too much about things and grab some domains off of namecheap for $1 and just get started. Make sure they are hosted on separate c-blocks, and all the other basic footprint avoidance efforts, and just start posting content. Unique, hand-written content. A real aged PBN is easily worth 10,000 garbage links, probably a lot more than that actually.

    The other thing that @antonearn touched on is traffic. That is key. Garbage traffic will be shooting yourself in the foot for ranking purposes. G will see those on-site metrics. Traffic should be real if possible. Or, if you are after artificial traffic, which is not a bad thing, go to a traffic bot where you can randomize things and also control organic search and on-page activities. I am testing out MR right now as it builds out 2.0's and has a traffic bot. I think SEN also has the same. I posted on other thread sin the past about traffic. It does make a difference for rankings and should be paid attention to on some level.

    Good luck.
  • @Viking ;

    Amazing post. Very much appreciated. 
  • shaunshaun
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    @viking Did you notice anything during penguin 4? Like any fluctuations at all? I'm pretty sure the reason I was hit so hard was that all my links were coming from SER and something changed in their algo to turn link juice off from pages that go on and offline a bunch. I recently moved over to using RX for my T1 and traffic is climbing on my fresh sites as it used to, going to give it a while before scaling it up though. Can't help think that Fred maybe enhanced this feature.

    Reference your PBNs, just for clarification, are these domains with an existing backlink profile or totally fresh domains? In the past I have used more of what I would call a bridge network than a PBN as every domain was 100% brand new with no links and used it as a stready base for my T1 links. If these initial tests stay as they are then I am going to go back to that and take time and invest effort into building a full bridge network rather than using automation on T1.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited April 2017
    There's also a time frame that stops incoming juice to a property or allowing further to pass on to the next tier, this helps combat tiered link building.

    Have you ever tried building your campaigns backwards? ;) then turning the links on once the structure is powered up?

    Rankings appear to be a "snap shot" of your profile, then your rankings represent this snapshot until there's an algo change or a clean up within the index, whereby another "snapshot" is taken.
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    @cinnamonspice :-)

    @shaun 100% same as you. My WM account shows a huge void in links in my profile as if G just hoovered them out and made me start from scratch.  RX works for you? I will reconsider it then. MR seems like a good one with the traffic bot added in for free. But at this point, I need a solid performer at the 2.0 layer, so will take your reco and do a trial. Thank you  Re: PBN's they are both. But I am finding the greenfield domains that I control from the beginning are my powerhouse domains as time goes on. I guess that makes sense since I am able to sculpt the link profile better. The down-side of course is that is takes a lot longer to get traction with a new domain. But so what. I have been doing this for 10 years. Never thought I would, but here I am. It goes by quickly. So launching a fresh domain is no biggie with a long-term view. Plus you can always just sell it down the road if you get out of the game. Just as an example, I have one domain, about 8 yrs old in a finance sort of key word that outranks global banks and finance companies all day long. I do nothing to seo now, just once a month post up a fresh article. It has been #1 for three years now. I am not monetizing it at all and has no outbound links. Just an experiment. So I think about the value of having a network of these types of PBN sites. Some I link over to MS, some I just keep in the bag and watch. But all are saleable for sure, so while I don't bank on them now, someday I can without problem.

    @Tim89 my head is literally spinning right now! I guess sort of like my previous comment where I have some dead-end PBN's that I can drop a link on, but the idea of doing it in reverse is intriguing. Have you done this? Has it worked? I like the concept of having some juice in the pocket where I can turn on the faucet when needed. Brilliant!
  • shaunshaun
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    @viking RX seems to go up and down tbh mate. A few weeks ago I wasn't getting many verifieds but it was still more than I was getting from SERE. A few days later RX released their update and fixed a bunch of scripts and its pretty decent right now tbh.

    They are releasing RX V2 soon too that should add the features they should have added a year or so ago but from what I understand it will be much better and I am pretty excited to try it out.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    @viking you should definitely try it, it seems to work wonders :).

    Make sure you fully build out your tiers to your tier 1 link(s) and allow them to settle before you point them properties to your money site, try not to continue to build links to it once it links out.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
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    @viking - nice to hear you recovered :) Were the links that got 'erased' web 2.0s?

    @tim89 - interesting idea, any theory on why it works wonders? :)
  • Tim89Tim89
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    @redrays because you're not actively hitting your tiers with a link pointing to your money site.

    You're funneling link juice to your tier 1s which point to nothing but itself, then releasing the juice once you've completed your link building, I only do this good quality links though but I suppose it could work with crappy spam also.

    Get your tier 1 properties juiced before adding your links, try it out.
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    @redrays the best I can tell it was like a scoop scraping across a tub of ice cream. just a whole lot of everything 'erased'. since at the T1 I mainly had PBN and 2.0, it was mainly 2.0's that were affected, but so were the scattered GSA type links. My PBN's are still there which is why I think I recovered.

    @Tim89 Thanks! I am all over that for my next test project in May. Will report back.

    @Shaun Thanks for RX reco (again). I am still leaning toward MR as the programmer there is pretty responsive and the traffic bot is really a cool new feature there. But, I will def do the RX trial too.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
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    @tim89 - thanks for the advice, I'll give that a try.
  • @viking - what is MR?
  • shaunshaun
    Pretty sure he is referring to money robot?

    Whats its success rate like viking? A friend used to use it back when FCS first went to shit but he moved over to PBNs now so doesnt use automation but he liked it at the time.
  • jbyrdjbyrd memphis, TN
    I use RX and MR both a good bit.  As most of y'all know RX pretty well, here are some pro's / con's of MR.

    Price:  first lifetime license is $500 and each subsequent one is $400 (make sure to ask them).  You can also post on BHW to buy licenses and get them for under $200. 

    Support:  Nick (the developer) is on skype and facebook channel.  They also have a facebook page but if you criticize anything about the software or ask any questions that they don't like, or try to hold anyone accountable, you will get banned, ignored, etc.  Also, you can't speak "publicly" about other software. Also, you will find "users" who praise it all day long and state that MR can never do any wrong (reminds me of what RankerX was doing with their paid trolls). 

    The traffic bot that just came out works.  You can insert the keywords you want and it will search google and it does help with traffic and it does show up in analytics as organic. I saw really, really good results with the traffic bot. 

    In terms of success, that really varies.  Using MR proxies (they provide them) you will get between 20 and 33 success for each social campaign you run (no matter the threads you set it for).  They say you can post to 75 different socials, but in reality, you can't. I have tried running it with my own dedicated proxies in my server with SolidSEO and I got a few more, but not enough to make it worth it to not use their proxies. 

    With RX, I can build out 650 premium social and web profiles in about 1 hour and around 70% will stick.  It would take MR 24 hours to do that and it would all be on the same domains.  If referring domains is what you are looking for, then MR ain't what you want.  

    Speed:  MR doesn't use sockets so it is slow as hell.  

    Indexing:  Nick, the developer, says the indexer update is coming soon (though they have been saying this for a while).  I use express indexer, LSI, Authority Indexer (with my own PVA's) and magic indexer.  I was getting a lot more indexed prior to end of February.  Between middle of February and end of March, only a few of my links have been indexed and I have 4 vps's running MR full time 24/7.  I'm concerned about the indexing aspect of MR.  During this same time, I was able to get most of my "premium" sites from RX indexed easily.  For this reason, I started scaling back up on RX. 

    Now, if you are using any sort of google stack, running MR to it really does help whether the links show up as indexed or not.  

    Content:  MR scrapes content based on your keywords, spins it and uses that for content. Its unique, and sentences make sense, but not paragraphs....  They swear all day long its good enough for T1 but i'm still not convinced.  Like everyone else, I'm trying to figure out what the hell google is doing right now so I can take proper measures. 

    I'm using MR content directly to 1 money site (and it is helping).  I am also get link shortners to my site, and using MR to build to those.  I am also using it to build out links to my manually built t1's.  When they get indexed, it does help.  The indexing is the issue. 

    So basically, I'm using both and i'm hoping that the indexing issue will be resolved soon. 

    I'm seeing that it takes nearly 3/4 months of constant use before you start seeing any sort of help from MR (links).  In terms of the traffic, you can see that within 2 hours and it is steady.  After using it now for 2 weeks (since the release) my urls have increased in rankings and have leveled out a bit.  

    If you have any other questions about MR, I would be happy to answer them based on my experience. 
  • shaunshaun
    Thanks for the post man :).
  • @fng yep MR = Money Robot

    @jbyrd thanks for the review! I'm not a fan of RX from a trial last year, but so many people on this forum praise it that I will try a new trial shortly. IMO the traffic bot is a game changer between the two. Sadly there is not perfect single tool to use, so I look at MR as a traffic bot that also does 2.0's. There is def a lot about MR that I will be not so happy about, but I don't have time to waste looking for solutions. For content on MR, I produce my own anyway, so will continue to do that.

    The only other option out there that I can see if senuke. But that is so expensive.
  • jbyrdjbyrd memphis, TN
    @viking   The traffic bot really is worth the price of the license - if it continues to work properly.  One thing that concerns me about it is that the % new sessions will settle to less than 20% (after running it for 3 weeks straight that is what it has settle down on for mine). I'm not sure how this will affect anything for long term.  From my conversation with Nick, you should get around 350 +/- of traffic per 24 hour period per license.  I have two licenses so I will get between 700 and 800 visits a day. 

    I completely agree that there is not 1 perfect tool out there.  I do think, however, the combination of Rx, MR and GSA-SER is a pretty decent trifecta that can help. 
  • shaunshaun
    @viking It might be an idea to wait out on starting a new RX trial as they are working on RX v2. Last time I spoke to them they were aiming for a release of this month or early next month if I remember correctly.
  • @shaun cheers! will wait that one out.

    @jbyrd I love your take on things. I think a lot of people search for one tool that seems to work and then lean on that tool too much. 9 times out of 10 that is how we all shoot ourselves in the foot. Creating too much of a footprint is the big issue with automation. So spreading things around like you do is smart seo. Ever try senuke? Would be interested in your opinion on it.
  • jbyrdjbyrd memphis, TN
    edited April 2017
    @viking I haven't used Senuke before.  I'd imagine, that it could have its place just like any other software out there.  But yes, there is no one stop shop for rankings and it just requires analytical thinking and a lot of hard work.  

    In reality, if we think all of this through and build links (using software) that make sense for our niche and use proper tiers, in the long run, if we are patient, it will work our.  The biggest problem I see is trying to rush things.  

    I think there is a good analogy with the stock market (which is easier to read than google by the way).  There is a natural ebb and flow and no matter what they have to come back to the mean at some point.  Build links that will matter over the long term (if it touches your money site) and over the long run, it will take care of itself. 

    Of course, I have no clue, right now, what the hell Google is up to.  The recent moves don't make a lot of sense in my opinion, but my opinion doesn't matter to google.  Our job, is simply, to read the chart, form conclusions, test, then wade back into it.  

    For me, I'm using the following:

    PBN (I own) Expired domains and new domains (not built any links to it at present)
    Manually built t1's
    Rankerx T1's
    Rankerx t2's
    Money Robot t2's
    GSA t3 some t4's (using looplines list currently)
    MR traffic bot

    And I will use MR, RX with 301's to promote some Money Sites but primarily use them to promote my t1's. 

    Plan on getting a footprint and doing some high authority comments and limit them to only a few a day and see how that works out for more referring domains. 

    And getting a VA to do some blog comments as well.

    I am also going to be doing a google stack and try it out on one url in particular.  I'm getting pva's and then creating about 15 profiles all over the net from this one gmail account (using google properties extensively). Interlink the hell out of them using only scraped content from web.archives and then creating rx/mr/gsa tiers on them.  Once they have aged a few months, going to start sending some links to the Money site.  

    Thankfully, I have a VA that will be doing this as it is labor intensive. But, if it works well enough, I'm going to scale it up and throw in some new pbn domains (fresh domains) as a good mix. The cool thing about this is i'm keeping it niche (wide niche) specific for the most part.  I can easily use this on clients sites as well. 
  • jbyrdjbyrd memphis, TN
    @shaun What is v2 going to do differently for RX?
  • shaunshaun
    edited April 2017

    Basically, I sent them a ticket with a feature suggestion of being able to make a job that can run multiple times rather than just once. Similar to how you can set a SER project up once to build x links per day. They replied saying that RX v2 has the feature and when they wanted to have it released by.

    I sent them a few other suggestions but they havent replied yet.
  • jbyrdjbyrd memphis, TN
    @shaun a schedule would save me a ton of labor.  That is one of my biggest hangups with RX right. 
  • shaunshaun
    @jbyrd yea defo, RX had so much potential on release but they have taken so long to add basic features. Crossing my fingers that RX v2 will be decent.
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