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How to make proper settings for GSA (M stuck ,i have good public proxies and DBcaptcha)

Hey i am newbie and recently baught GSA but trying to make proper settings but cannot,i m not getting even 1 link in 1 hr of GSA working....please if someone can help me with setup...

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  • thankyou very much for ur reply....will dig deep into problem of proxies and update here if its the only issue
  • thankyou all for your prompt reply
  • nazimnazim pakistan
    my Question is that is GSA use for youtube video marketing or facebook page marketing? if yes then how can i use it please tell me in detail
  • tayyabtayyab Pakistan
    @nazim bookmarks ,,, social network,,, video,,, wiki.
  • nazimnazim pakistan
    Dear @tayyab Thanks for helping me, and can i put you tube link in url and descrpitopn, keywords as i do for site and my facebook page ans youtube video boost?
  • Sophieemm1Sophieemm1 Pakistan
    edited October 2015
    wao ..@tayyab this is really help full
  • tayyabtayyab Pakistan
    thanks @nazim
    you can put all the links about your video.. about your video social page e.t.c.. 
    and ater the indexing .. your video will boost.. 
  • nazimnazim pakistan
    thaks @tayyab its work for me, i have other question, my GSA searching ranker is not working good only few links are verifyied, i am using capcha sniper, do you help me with video how to set best compein with all instrection like email setting, proxy etc
  • tayyabtayyab Pakistan
    yes . @nazim I can help you through team viewer . .
    use the list from .
    these lists are real time fresh is all links are alive and verified.
    I am using this.
  • Caroline12Caroline12 North America
    yes. . @Tayyab I also using this . its really a good service. 
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