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Content Foundry VS Kontent Machine

Content Foundry or Kontent Machine? Any expert here can give me a advise please? Which content generator is better when I run C&B projects?

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    I'd say give SEO Content Machine a shot. The developer is a beast! It's the most versatile content producing software I've ever used! You can mix, mash and do whatever you want with your content with it. The possibilities are endless. Of course you can produce c&b content quick as well. You can combine many sources in it and produce the most unique content you've ever imagined.

    For example I use all sources in SEO CM:

    Scrape Content - Google
    Article Directories - built ones and custom
    Local Files - I have an enormous database of PLR articles gathered throughout the years
    Article Builder - I have a paid subscription
    Big Content Search - Again paid for subscription

    When I want unique and quick content I just select all of those and produce a massive super-spun article. It's fast and the result is great.

    If you want to make it even more unique you can produce say one article with 2-3 paragraphs using a more general keyword from your niche, and then produce one more article with only one paragraph for your specific niche and then mash all of that together. Your article will be 100% unique and to the point, just make sure you use custom titles. You can find ways to generate them. If you can't or don't have time, use the titles generated from your second article with 1 paragraph so they can be niche specific.

    SEO Content Machine rules! I'm discovering new abilities with it every day and I'm still getting surprised I had not clue some existed. Believe me, it's the best investment you can do with content. Remember: the quality of the software can be seen by the way it's developer treats his user-base and how he deals with the new ideas they might have. Seo CM is one of those rare devs that listens to his community very closely with his ideas voting system.
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    Hi Vincent,

    One of the features that may be most useful to you in Kontent Machine is the API and how easy it integrates with GSA SER. You can create your content in KM and then directly pull it from GSA SER without exporting any files. Here is what I mean:

    For C&B projects, you can create a 'blueprint' and create content campaigns with several clicks.

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    Content Foundry (CF) is no longer supported.  However, both Kontent Machine (KM3) and SEO Content Machine (SCM) would do well to take some of CF's  ideas.

    For example the content cache control for CF is better than SCM, KM3 and WAC. This mean making custom exports, and not having to scrape anymore after you have a content cache.  I've tried this with both KM3 and SCM and it took ages to work with local content.  I mean over an hour of processing.

    Another VERY big point, KM3 and SCM don't seem to use spinfile tags, you actually load text content into GSA projects instead of referencing files with the XRumer format.  It's means your variation of output is tiny in comparrison to CF and XR. You can't load enough content to have 100k (or even 10k) unique submissions because of 32-bit memory limitations.

    @KontentMachine I think you should also prevent KM3 from scraping content when working with local files, it's not in the work flow anyway and seriously slows things down.  For example you select "no images" and KM will still try to scrape images when processing!

    Don't buy Content Foundry, because even though it's still the best scraper/content manager, the GSA functions are broken.

    I hope KM and/or SCM pick up the pieces and gear their software more towards scale.


  • +1 SEO Content Machine however it's a bit pricey
    Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to try the other tools yet. The best thing you can do is to sign up for a trial and see which one works best for you. 
  • Kontent Machine & SEO Content Machine are both more user friendly. SCM is updated, improved and fresh as often as GSA SER, very impressed, find myself starting with SCM more & more... Highly recommend both SCM and KM.
  • @team74 Why is it that CF still accepts subscriptions?
  • Because the vendor hasn't taken it down yet.  I still use my copy, I even paid the yeearly subscription 2 months ago because it's still useful.

    It's a real shame because if the dev carried on developing it (he disappeared August last year) it would hands-down be the best solution.

    At the moment I'm using 3-4 programs to create the content/projects because no one software does everything properly.
  • I do the same- just dropped CF though. It had it's unique attributes, most of which can be scripted from results of other content solutions right now. Was hoping he would've advanced the bar a bit more.
  • Yeah, a pity that CF no longer seems to be developed. From all that I tried it is the fastest and has all the features I currently need. Still to this day despite that it is abandoned,

    Hey @team74 you said "the GSA functions are broken." Could you elaborate a bit on that? (maybe in PM as it is somewhat unrelated to the thread) :)
  • Well it is somewhat related to the thread, because we're talking about the GSA related features OP asked about.

    It's not creating GSA projects from a plain template.  It's always had a few querks but it's not working for me at all at the moment.  I guess the GSA project file format has changed since CF was updated 8 months ago.
  • You mean SER Campaign Generator? This outputs projects fine for me. Txt files from which SER spinfiles them within given project are just txts, so nothing can break there. But .prj files that are generated are working for me still. (sent you a PM with generated project via
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    Thank you very much @team74. You are a very nice expert here, we all know it!
    BTW, you mentioned you use 3-4 programs to create the content/projects. If you don't mind, can you please tell us which are they & how they work together (or how do you set them tasks)? I believe this will be very valuable for all people interested in this thread.
    Thank you again, team74:)
  • Thanks, @team74 ! I'll make sure we include your suggestions in KM 4.

  • Km is good but i am seeing that scm has lots of features and i can create flexible articles with easy Multiple template.

    Km is nice also since it like a 1 push button. It just need more features that scm has.
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