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Best Settings to Create Quality Web 2.0s for Tier 2?

I'm still a newbie and hoping someone can help with the proper settings to mass create Web 2.0s on High PR platforms such as Wordpress etc. 

Seems that all such blogs created with GSA get deleted almost immediately, so I must be doing something wrong. 

For my Tier 1 Web 2.0s, I just pay a service to manually set those up (about 100 of them). And even though the Tier 1 Web 2.0s are set up with heavily spun articles - they do NOT get deleted. So far, so good. 

But for Tier 2, I want to set up thousands of Web 2.0s that point to my Web 2.0s on Tier 1, so I use GSA to automate the Tier 2 link building. 

Here is my general set up: 

  • 10 private proxies
  • 100 fresh Outlook emails for verification
  • Powerful PC with 24 GB Ram, 72 processors
  • Ultra high-speed internet connection 300 mbits
  • Quality AA list rented monthly from Loopline
  • Kontent Machine for article scraping/creation, set to Tier 2 quality, with images and videos imbedded. Spun with Article Rewriter and imported into GSA using Tools--> Auto Fill to fill all relevant fields
  • Good keyword and anchor text diversity
  • Lindexed and Linklicious API for indexing 

While I am able to get thousands of verified links on all types of miscellaneous URLs, I am not able to get quality blogs on Wordpress or other major platforms to stick. They seem to get deleted shortly after creation, which means that GSA is leaving some kind of easy to recognize pattern that gets auto-deleted by major platforms as spam. 

So how do I automate the creation of blogs on such platforms as Wordpress,,,, etc., using GSA? Or is the only solution to use something like Rankwyz for mass-creating Web 2.0 accounts and posts?


  • 10 private proxies
    Wrong - to create thousands of web 2.0s per day on HQ platforms you need houndreds (or thousands) of proxies. Multiple accounts for example on from same IP is huge footprint.
  • ozzymandiusozzymandius Los Angeles
    Thanks satyr. I knew I must be making one (or several) newbie mistakes.

    So basically, I should only be using private proxies to scrape but then thousands of public proxies to post? Correct?
  • Correct?
    100% not correct. Public proxies you can find are slow and already spammed to death. You need private proxies for posting. Public proxies are good for harvesting.
  • ozzymandiusozzymandius Los Angeles
    Thanks for the correction (again). As I mentioned, I am a newbie. :-)

    Where could I get hundreds (or thousands) of private proxies at a reasonable cost? Right now I have 10 private proxies from Squid Proxies and that already costs me $25 per month. To get 2,000 proxies would cost a whopping $1,500 per month! As a new internet marketer, who has yet to turn a profit, that cost is way out of my budget. Is there a much cheaper source out there for private proxies?
  • 100 private proxies = 100 web 2.0 accounts per website per day - thats probably more than enough. You can try to create 2-3 accs per proxy per day but thats less safe. Maybe shared proxies would also work. Its not possible to get alot of private proxies for cheap.
  • ozzymandiusozzymandius Los Angeles
    Thanks for the tips. I will up my proxies to 100 and reduce the accounts per day.
  • Reduce accounts and try with your current proxies. If this will work buy more proxies.
  • ozzymandiusozzymandius Los Angeles
    Ok, will definitely try that. But have a feeling my current batch of proxies are banned by the larger platforms due to all the accounts I already tried to create over the past week.
  • ozzymandiusozzymandius Los Angeles
    Another question, if I have 10 private proxies, is it acceptable to set accounts per site to 10? In other words, will GSA know that for each site (e.g. Wordpress) it will use 1 proxy per 1 account per 1 site? Or is there a danger that GSA will create all 10 accounts using the same proxy?

  • SvenSven
    I don't think it is important to use different IPs for registration. The software will choose a random one but will not keep in mind what proxy was used for what account.
  • ozzymandiusozzymandius Los Angeles
    Ok. Thank you for the clarification.
  • @ozzymandius Out of curiosity what are you using for 2.0's, SEREngines?
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