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FCSnetworker review



  • i was using rank yz, a while ago and stopped, started using fcs networker and way much
    better, i usually wait a few weeks before i put links on them. but, i havent seen any great
    results with it. i have been using it for the past 3 months and recently stopped. im not done
    with it yet, but i havent seen any positive results with it. i load them all up with gsa ser and
    fire away. 

    I think when i start back up, im going to shoot these fcs blogs at my manually created blogs,
    i dont dare throw my 200-300 pr 2 to pr5 blogs with moz 3.5-55 in fcs networker. i tried loading
    a manually built tumblr into fcs for kicks, and it immed got deleted. but, im sure its a great tool
    depends on how you use it. 

    i use kontent machine, built my own template, called FCS NETWORKER, it build the articles 
    and spins them in spinrewriter non spin tax 300 at a time, can churn out alot of articles, in 
    FCS really fast, gets so confusing, because you can build so many. so fast
  • hi guys,

    sorry was busy with my other projects,

    btw from the way i look at things, owning your pbns is the way to go. i have stopped using fcs as i cannot create the number of accounts i want fast enough.

    but to be fair, has been months since stopped using fcs, might have gotten better.
  • Depending on your account needs it has been pretty good in my opinion. Unlikely you will get thousands of accounts built in a day, but if they are used to target key sites can be quite useful. For the money it's worth putting in the arsenal, just one of the pieces of the puzzle however.
  • every now and then i relook my seo options and just wondering if anyone is getting good results with fcs currently?
  • tired it before
    didn't se any effect in serps
  • Hallo..

    Any of you selling FCS networker account? please sent me email to 

    Note: I only come to this forum sometimes better not to replay here and just sent me email

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