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[TRIAL] 5 Catchall Emails Hosted on VPS Dedicated for YOU! ★★ Avg. $5.19/month Each ★★

catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
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  • What is a Catchall Email?

Catchall Email is a special email account set up on any domain on a server to receive all messages that are addressed to an incorrect email address for a domain.

For example, you have three email addresses set up for;


If “” is setup as a catchall email account, then any email messages sent to (or any other invalid email address) are sent to the catchall email account (

  • How Catchall Emails are better than Disposable Emails?

Ease of Use:

You don’t have to actually create/buy bunch of email addresses over and over again and replace them with new ones. Once your catchall email is setup you can get GSA SER tool to randomly take billion of aliases out of “%Spinfile-names.dat%” in combination with random numbers “%random-65-95%” making each email to be different every time.

For e.g.: can generate billions of different email combinations like:,, etc.

You just have to duplicate your GSA SER projects without changing your catchall emails ever. Hence preventing you from tedious task of uploading and deleting disposable emails over and over again.

Sounds More Credible:

Emails on custom domains always seem more credible as compare to the emails created on free-based servers like (hotmail, yahoo etc.). Some platforms don’t allow registration using free emails which makes you miss the potential of creating more powerful backlinks.

Furthermore, most of the services create disposable emails on auto-generated large-character aliases that don’t sound natural. They prefer this to ensure their availability due to immense competition. For e.g.


However, catchall emails on your own domains lets you chose the short-character aliases with proper combination of genuine human names making it sound more natural and credible.

Affordable than Disposable Emails

Catchall Emails are much affordable. It actually means billions of emails with more affordable pricing than bunch of disposable emails.

  • Why shouldn't I setup Catchall Email on my own Hosting instead of buying your service?

You can setup catchall emails on your own server IF:

Point (a)

You have your own managed dedicated/VPS server and can configure Dovecot/courier mail server with respect to maximum number of mail processes, POP3 connections per IP, spare authentication processes and size of an authentication process at one time and other various aspects of Mailserver’s behavior.

Point (b)

You are well aware of the capacity of your server and your processing needs.

Point (c)

You are willing to spend and manage spare time to setup all that.

Other than above mentioned points, you are advised to let us take all the worries of setting up and managing catchall emails on our own server at a price much affordable than going for disposable emails.

  • How easy is it to use Catchall Emails with GSA SER and other SEO Tools?
It is not a rocket-science at all! When your service is activated you get the email with the subject “New Catchall Email Hosting Account Information” with following useful information:

 There is an easy-to-import option in GSA SER which allow you to import GSA SER format based emails from clipboard illustrated in image below:

 As far as other SEO tools are concerned, all you need are the POP3 server, port, email, username and password to fetch emails. You can use any alias with your catchall domain and make it a different email any time you want and receive all your verification emails in a master catchall account!

  • How many Catchall Emails do I need?

GSA SER is capable to identify and efficiently verify only those emails which are associated with your related projects. Therefore, ONE catchall email can be used in unlimited projects. However, since you have limited space per Inbox, even if you choose to delete every email older than 1 day, GSA SER can fill up your space if you use ONE email with 500 threads in multiple running projects. This will make the verification process much slower.

To smooth the process and get GSA SER to work faster, we suggest the following based on our experience:

  • ONE 500 MB Catchall Email works efficiently with 500 Threads and 5 Running Projects!
  • ONE 1 GB Catchall Email works efficiently with 1000 Threads and 5 Running Projects!

Just increase your Catchall Emails based on above calculation.

As for Other SEO Tools we advise you to use ONE CATCHALL EMAIL at a time in one running project.

We are just hosting 5-10 Catchall Emails per 2 GB KVM VPS to ensure best performance and optimum results.

  • What is the difference between Dedicated VPS or Shared VPS? What should I choose?

If you buy a dedicated VPS plan, we’ll dedicate a VPS for you to host your own 1-5 Catchall Emails. Your VPS would not host catchall emails for other clients. This means dedicated IP and dedicated mailserver resource. The first catchall email costs you 9.99 and then 3.99 each. Economically, this plan is best for you if you plan to buy 3-5 Catchall Emails.

Shared VPS Plan is best for those who don’t need to work on larger scale. If you just need ONE catchall email for your projects, you are advised to go for Shared VPS plan. We share the VPS among 5-10 catchall emails at maximum, therefore there is no difference in performance as well.

  • Can I just host a separate mailserver on your server for catchall emails without moving or updating the nameservers of my existing domains?

If you have spare domains redirected (301) to other domains OR even domains being used for PBN or even as money-sites, you can safely use those domains by just hosting a separate mailserver with us. Without moving or updating their nameservers!

You just to have add additional MX records for “Email” alias and point “A” records for them. We’ll do the same on our server. If you don’t know what we are talking about just Open a Ticket to Technical Depart. I will arrange a Skype conversation or Teamviewer conference to do this setup for you. It will take no more than 10 minutes to do so!



  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
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    Service Website:
    Skype: imsabahatali
    Pre-sales Questions:

    Offering 1 Catchall Email FREE OF COST

      in PM to the members at least having

    10 Posts in the FORUM!!!

    20 Emails in inventory! 

    Post here, if you are looking to test!

    I will PM you your Catchall! = )

  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!

    1 Email sent through PM = )

    19 Emails in inventory Now!

  • I'll test it out!
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!

    Email sent through PM = )

    18 Emails in inventory Now!

  • would love to try it :)
  • I want to give this a test if possible. Thanks
  • i want one, thanks
  • I would like to test please
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!

    Email sent through PM = )

    14 Emails in inventory Now!

  • I've been testing sabahat's service for a week now and everything is running smooth and stable!
    For that price it is a no-brainer!
    Highly recommended!
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!

    Thank you very much for your review!


    If you want to test a FREE Catchall email throughout the month, please refer to this thread now.

  • edited March 2015
    every month i get new domains ? Will be great if someone vouches for stability 
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!

    Not every month. But if a domain gets blacklisted it will be replaced. There is a 7 days trial offer for 3 catchall emails, you can test yourself for free.
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!

    AGAIN Offering 1 Catchall Email

    FREE OF COST for 7 days!

    10 Emails in inventory!

    Post here, if you are looking to test!

    I will PM you your Catchall! = )

    Service Website:
    Skype: imsabahatali

  • Grabbed the smallest monthly pack and its running great. So far so good
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    edited March 2015

    Let me know your username in PM. I want to check if I have added your server IP (if you mentioned) in Firewall Unblock list.

    Doing so will let my server receive thousands of incoming email requests without blocking your IP (incase you don't want to use proxies to fasten the verification process).
  • I have been using Sabahat's trial email for a couple of weeks and have been very happy with it. A good alternative to the disposable emails!
  • Been running this for a few days, and I'm really impressed.

    Speeds and Verifieds are much better than using traditional disposable emails; also so easy to use across all projects.

    Just copy and paste the emails into all projects and it's all done. No need for messy importing, changing email, buying more emails, etc.

    Set and forget.

    An essential tool if you ask me.

    Thanks for this great service!
  • Hey sabahat

    Looking to get a test on these mails please.
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    @newbieseo @lesid
    Thank you for a nice review!

    Pmed you your catchall ! :) Thanks you for taking interest!

    Offering 1 Catchall Email

    FREE OF COST for 7 days!

    9 Emails in inventory!

    Post here, if you are looking to test!

    I will PM you your Catchall! = )

  • Was using the free catchall test, work like a charm.
    Will definitively buy silver package with a custom domain.
  • Subscribed to your service. I have been waiting for account info, but see nothing.
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    edited March 2015
    @raglady Thank you for your compliment!

    @kid1810 Just emailed you!
  • edited March 2015
    Solved :) do I need to PM you the IP?

    Another question: can we swap the emails after a period of using?

  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!

    You don't need to do so now! Its already added now since you specified on registration form... Here it is 195.154.**.** (Hid last numbers for privacy) ...
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!

    How does a Catchall Email work with GSA SER?


    I have been able to get verify 8000 unique contextual domains using these catchall emails:



  • netPHnetPH Localhost
    Hi, I would like to try out your catchall email service then if you're good then I'll subscribe to bronze. Let me know how.
  • netPHnetPH Localhost
    sabahat. I have sent you a PM regarding a Paypal checkout issue that I have encountered.
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