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Creating a buffer site

Hi guys,

Is it possible to create a buffer site?Get the tier 2 backlinks created from GSA to  this buffer site and then route it to the money site.? if so how. Direct links to money sites are liable to Google penalty. Isn't it? 



  • @ajrcks of course it's possible. You can create web 2.0 sites like wordpress, blogspot, tumblr..etc as a tier 1 manually and to point your tier 2 links to them... Just make a search here on the forum and you will find many examples of how to do it... 
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    U can also use 301 redirects as buffer sites.
  • @royalmice May I Know how to make use of 301 directs as buffer sites?...
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    There are a few 301 tools available here on the forum.

    Here are 24 EDU link examples, all pointing to this thread:

  • Hi,

    How can I create a buffer site and link all those tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks to this buffer site using GSA and also let me know how can I route this buffer site over to the money site?

  • Your money site would be anchored on a web 2 site so when you do massive GSA blast all the link juice passes to your money site. The money site is protected the web 2 takes the hit not your money site
  • but if you're going to hit web 2.0's with anything do a contextual wiki blast if want to rank and pass link juice
  • Create your web 2.0 buffer,put your anchors to point to your moneysite, and in tier 1,put the url of that buffer...

  • How would you build the pyramid for Tier 2 +3 ?

    Money site
    web 2.0s  (Tier 1)
    Spam Blogs + Forums + Guestbooks (Tier2)?    Or use contextual high quality links and spam Tier 3?

  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited January 2015
    you want to hit tier one with quality like wiki links toi pass link juice, then hit tier 2 with a spam supporting link to push even more link juice from the quality link to the other quality link

    Web 2.0, and wiki's are high authority, so you double up, then spam the hell out of them since you can get a loy of juice from them or you can do web 2.0, PDF's, Wiki's, then SPAM

    Build a pyramid of quality YOU CAN RANK if you have FCS Networker you can add their drip feed bookmarks all quality Twitter, myspace, 4 square, delicious, stumbleupon etc.

  • edited January 2015

    Would you recommend doing the same pyramid ( tier 1 high quality wikis tier 2 spam ) for the FCS social bookmarks as well ?

    Or only use pyramid above for the FCS web 2.0 ?
  • most of the GSA user are using buffer sites or tier sites strategy
  • @SuperSEO if you want it to appear natural, don't build links to bookmarks.

    If unsure about whether you should build links to a property or not, ask yourself would it get linked to naturally?

  • @davbel

    Thanks for the tips, makes sense.

    How effective is it to use web 2.0 as a buffer site compared to building links directly to money site?  Would you recomend to use both strategies to build links ( links to money site + buffer web 2.0s ) ?
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited January 2015
    Well the web 2.0 acts like a filter so you can bombard them with hundreds of links and not get your site penalized and still rank it. The web 2.0 will take the penalty, you make more than one web 2.0. At the same time you can still build links to your money site with quality content.

    Article directories
    Wiki articles
    Social bookmarks
    Social networks
    Profile backlinks (Angela Backlinks)
    Web 2.0 profiles (Wordpress, blogger, facebook, Google Plus, etc
    Authority sites (Adobe,CNN, IBM, Yahoo, Firefox, Microsoft, MIT, YouTube, National Geographic, etc

    .The one thing you need to do also is not always rely on the software you need to be able to do manual work and combine it with GSA to be really effective. What GSA can't do you must be able to do manually then you can rank anything, trust me on that!!!!!

    What if I was a client and I said to you right now I need 2 PR 6, 3 PR7 and 4 PR8 profile links what would you tell me?
  • I manually create all my web 2.0's, say like 10 of them, all different web 2.0s wordpress, tumblr, weeblys, then set up main tier 1 with a mix of dofollow and nofollow gsa links, then blast 1000's at tier 2 which are pointing to tier 1 links with all dofollow to the dofollow on tier 1. 


    I try to becareful, because all my web 2.0s being created are already moz 3.5 to 5.5, so i want to keep them.
    They already have tons of juice. 
  • LOL this thread was the ultimate spoon-feeding experience. Great stuff guys. :D
  • @rad

    Do you use FCS Networker for web 2.0s?  If you do when you set up GSA to retrieve the links from FCS Networker, GSA reports some web 2.0s as do follow and some as no follow.

    Your Tier 1 links do you only build them to do follow web 2.0s or to both do and no follow web 2.0s?
  • radrad
    edited January 2015

    I build my tier 1 links with both dofollow and nofollow, then on tier 2, i only send dofollow
    articles, wikis, videos, trackbacks, blog comments, to the dofollow on tier 1, to juice them

    I have been using fcs networker for the past 3 months, i didnt have great results with it. I will
    be using it to throw at the manually created blogs i have or build soon. But my manually created
    blogs i buy off my link broker, they are already pr2 to pr6 and with only moz 3.5 or higher. Out of
    the 200 or so , they are mostly moz 4.0 higher. I could care less about pr, i go after moz rank. 

    I am big sape lover, so i also throw about 25 english sape sites with background checks on
    each manually created blog when needed. I do all kinds of checks on them after purchase, 
    All my blogs survived the last penguin update with hundreeds of sape links at each blog. 

    All my Money Sites are Architecturally Silo'd. Not hand silo'd, it is silo'd internally. All the
    link juice shoots straight up to the home page, or however you want. I use alot less links
    by siloing my sites. Google Loves Them!

    I also use Majestic SEO, when ranking. GSA depends on how you use it, but i use gsa to
    increase my citation flow, which it does a great job at, but not trust flow, thats were the sape
    links come in. The sape links do the samething as GSA, on citation flow, but the sape links
    shoot up the trust flow fast, like gsa with citation flow. Once you hit citation flow 20 and trust
    flow 20, then my mission is accomplished, because any links i throw on a web 2.0 with a 
    cf 20 and tf 20 or higher is great result gains in google. 
  • @rad

    When you import URLs from FCS Networker do you build links to the home page or the post page.  or
  • All pages
  • @rad for your spam tier how many backlinks do you build.  Is it okat to blast is with 300k backlinks in about a week or is that overkill?  Do you set the spam tier to pause after a certain amount of verifications?
  • radrad
    edited January 2015

    hard to answer that, but 300k links is just going to basically kill your tier1. you will be spamming
    the crap out of it and basically getting the links taking down by mod. All depend on your setup,
    what are you using for proxies? list? hopefully not scraping with gsa ser. 

    Too make things look clearer. too help you understand how it works. first of all, say you make a 
    campaign, and you build out 1500 to 3000 links on tier 1, they are dofollow and nofollow. once you 
    get to your final destination, lets say tell gsa to stop at 3000 links on tier 1. hurray, now tier 1 links
    just finished the next day. Know go in and right click, on that campaign and click on show urls 
    verified, then select stats, then diagram chart, look in there and see how many dofollow links are 
    in there, then send as many tier 2 links to that tier 1 chart on dofollow links. Meaning if you have 
    1700 dofollow links, then on when you setup tier 2, send all dofollow and times that by 5 or 10. 
    1700x5=8500 links that need to be built. 1700x 10=17,000 links. or set up tier 2 to stop when it 
    creates 10 links to each url. either way. or 20, or 30 links. i would not go above 30 links to each 
    url on tier1 if you dont know what you are doing, im just giving you a guide and trying to explain 
    how you should look at it, instead of just hitting start and blasting away, and getting most of your tier1
    destroyed. up to you. but, i would say starting out 30 max to each url you will be safe. 

    Wait a month then send another round! if when you go back and look and see that the links need to
    be strengthened again. 

    RINSE AND REPEAT, move on and create new web 2.0s, Build out a blog network, build out 50
    web 2.0s, throw articles on them and pics, hand built. Fire up gsa and do the same thing. Then
    once you like what you see, then go lig in and throw your links on the web 2.0s that you created. 
    I like to call them baking in the oven blogs. Readily disposable when needed!

  • @rad

    When you say destroy your tier 1 by building to many backlinks, do you mean having them de-indexed.
    Also, when you state create new web 2.0 and build a blog network, do you mean create new web 2.0 accounts or make a new post to the old web 2.0 account?
  • I mean if you throw too many links at your web 2.0s, it might get labelled as spam and get deleted. 
    What is the purpose of manually creating a web 2.0? to spam the crap out of it? Spam
    the hell out of your tier 2 that is pointing to your tier 1, which is pointing to your web 2.0.

    You want to protect those web 2.0s, esp if your manually building them. Weeblys, Wordpress,
    Tumblr, get indexed fast. 

    I was just saying it you could build out a blog network. meaning, go to tumblr wordpress, weeblys,
    and create different sites. say you go and build 5 different sites on each of those listed above. 
    throw 3 articles on each blog with pics, and when you manually build a site, dont just make a one
    page blog, put a contact page, i even make up pages, usually 3 at the most. say your trying
    to get ranked for plumbing. then put up a few pages about heating, air conditioning, then throw up
    3 articles on the blog page, which is the home page. I use kontent machine, before i even go in there i got about 300 articles already available spun, then when im building out the blog site, when inserting the article, i read it real quick and make it look like it was genuine. throw up pictures. make the site look like a real blog.
    then you load up the urls, then load them up in gsa and fire away! i wait to put the links to my money site up until it has juice flowing threw it! usually a month later. But that is another whole story, because i buy already loaded up juiced out web 2.0s. so when i get them, i just throw my links and articles up! 

    I know the whole thing is confusing. at first, i love everything about seo , so it drives me!  It has been years
    and years of learning everything, and i still learn something new every week. Its confusing when you read about everything, because everything changes so fast. 
  • @rad could you share where you get your SAPEs from? I was manually purchasing them but there are so many dud sites out there, I'd rather buy off someone and let them do the hard work.
  • +1 (which SAPE)
  • @judderman

    I purchase straight threw sape. I have a moz account, so when i am purchasing them, i am
    fully inspecting them. doesnt take that long. Just click on the web site and i have my details, 
    then i go a little further and see what juicy links they got coming in or not. If there not moz 
    links, i dont bother. Then once i get done purchasing, i go do a few checks, run scrapebox
    for malware.  If they dont have any juice coming into them, i dont bother. 

    I can get my hands on so many tumblr, weeblys, with a moz rank2 and higher with pa 20 da 20 minimum.
    also, a minimum of pr 2. I might start selling on here. Im just having a hard time letting go 
    of some of them with full site elementary schools, some 20 to 100 pages on college sites.
    lots of them with some really juicy links. In the middle of building out a 500 page site, and have
    2 to 3 more sites to build out. but, thinking about it. 
  • @rad thanks for the info dude. Good shout with Scrapebox for malware, never thought of doing that, I think that's what I was missing really. I found that many sites were being redirected to another site after a few seconds, my link was on the original site being redirected. I was paying for the link but it was never getting indexed.

    Hey, I would keep all of the link juice to yourself. As soon as you start passing it around, it ruins it. Yes, you might make some cash in the short term, but if I were you I'd rather rank a site and keep the $$$. 
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited February 2015
    @rad, nice tip about using scrapebox to check for malware on the SAPE sites. I check everything else, but I also hadn't considered doing that.  :)

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