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Miss old times when GSA running good

edited December 2014 in Need Help
I started this discussion because i`m missing the old times when GSA runs very good on my dedicated. All new 9.x versions runs very bad. Strange DpM / VpM / LpM statistics, strange ratio between Submitted / Verified (and it`s not because of proxies), everything seems strange in how GSA`s running.

I miss the versions between 8.92 - 8.97. There`s no comparsion between that versions and the 9.x series. I don`t know if i`m the only one which see this, but i need to do a change because with current performances i can`t do anything good with GSA. It's not about the settings, about the lists, it`s about GSA, how it runs.

If anyone see something strange in how GSA`s running in 9.x series, please put here your point of view so we can help Sven to improve GSA.

Also, anyone if have any GSA version from 8.9.x series, please share it here.


  • SvenSven
    GSA is the company!
  • Sorry Sven, GSA SER.
  • SvenSven
    Well I don't get it really. You are saying it's a bug or too slow? If it's a bug then please deliver details. All I need is some kind of URL where you think it should have submitted to but didn't.
  • hello everyone , I notice sometime ser runs very slow , I set it to 200-300 threads but it runs on 1 threads is this a bug or something not set correctly ? 

    this is not happening always , just sometimes
  • Sven, i mean that i get 10000 Submitted Links and only 1000 Verified. All submitted links are awaiting verification. Emails are new, working fine. Proxies too, working fine. Everything is fine, but GSA SER can`t do his job. I get 120-130 LpM and 15 VpM. DpM is also over 5000.

    In other cases (using same settings, same lists, but restarting and starting again GSA SER) LpM is 50, VpM is 45-48 (very close to LpM) and DpM only 2000. Again, using same settings, same lists.

    GSA SER in 9.x doesn`t run as it should be. Reasons explained above. Your oppinion on this?
  • SvenSven
    well it's hard for me to say what the "issue" is here. I still think there is nothing wrong with SER at all. Prove me wrong with some more details to reproduce this.
  • Like i said, i really don`t know where is the issue in SER, in this situation. That`s why i created this discussion, maybe other people have also this issue.
  • The_DamnThe_Damn gsa forum ; )
    people need to think clear, gsa ser is a "TOOL". it creates backlink on sites which aren't owned by gsa company itself.

    my wiki list decreased (6 months ago) from 1000+ to less 200 now because site owners did something that make really hard to spam it such as change captcha type, block non usa ip even i found sites that ONLY working with vpn (not proxy) and many else.

    yeah, it happened because too many people have gsa ser and blast 3 - 4 times per day.
  • edited December 2014
    SER is currently broken and useless for me because only around 0,50% submitted links get verified - right now I have around 200k submitted and 700 verified urls... I don't know what happened, but the number of verified links I'm getting dropped tremendously somewhere around last month, even when using my own verified lists (but the same thing happens when using scraped lists or bought lists) that always had a good VPM - now I struggle to make more than a few hundred verified links using them, in the past I was building hundreds of thousands of links daily. Even with bought lists such as the ones from serlists I was previously able to make at least 10k+ verified links in a day. Now it's not possible anymore and it's not just me, everyone I know has got the same problem now.
  • There is for sure something is wrong. I am running some tests right to see if I can get some good materials for Sven to debug. All of us should do that really.
  • edited December 2014
    Yeah Desire_ you are perfectly right and that's my problem too. But nobody don`t says anything about this.
  • It's all down to your setup. If you see changes in LPM/VPM after an update then yeah it looks like that update was to blame, but I haven't noticed a difference for the past 8-9 months of running multiple dedicated servers with SER on them. When I do see a difference it's down to proxies, email accounts, content and lots of other variables but 99% of the time it's NOT Sven's updates. I can assure you this is the case because.....

    I'm getting 400+ LPM spam and 150+ LPM contextual. And that is letting SER search. Too many people buy SER and press START, which isn't going to get them far.

    Invest your time in engines and footprints and you will see a difference. I have written plenty on here and others like Ron, Gooner, 2Take2, SatansApprentice etc have explained about setup and best practices. 

    As said above, though, if you can reverse engineer what you're doing and send Sven evidence then he'll no doubt look into it.

  • Tim89Tim89
    I'm submitting close to 400,000 contextual links per day and only obtaining around 15,000 verifieds.
  • "I'm getting 400+ LPM spam and 150+ LPM contextual."

    Great, I don't have a problem with LPM too, in fact it has increased by around 100% somewhere around last month at the same time when the number of verified links has dropped. But my high LPM is not helping me, I used to get around 100 LPM and at least 50% of them would get verified. Now it's 200+ LPM and around 0,50%...
  • edited December 2014
    @Tim89 have you checked your content? What do you use? Do you pull content from %spin folder% (as that still doesn't work for me any more). I've had to fill SER up with contnet again which has slowed things down compared to using the macro but at least it works now. Have you manually spot-checked the verifieds and submitted but not verifieds?

    @Desire_ maybe you use too many threads? Proxies dying as your LPM has gone up. Maybe they are timing out, being blocked due to the increase in LPM?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey @judderman no change in type of content, AB content since day one...

    I haven't had the time to cross check submissions to verifieds unfortunately, but there is a huge amount of urls to go through, it's going to take me a while.

    I'm getting very good lpm, but still not the same amount of verified links as what I used to, probably getting 10% verifieds from what I was getting three months ago.

    There has to be something that is effecting the verification process, could be emails, could be content as you said but in my case, It isn't my content and I've checked the emails ive used and as far as I can see, it's not the emails either.. It's very difficult to debug something like this as I've got to go through over a million submissions and compare this to my 15,000-30,000 verifieds and then I would need to narrow that list down even further to send to sven which right now, I just can't manage unfortunately.

    Too busy setting up projects to debug at the mo. I've had to dup my projects to maintain the amount of verifieds I need.
  • KaineKaine
    Problem can be email, i have tested Yahoo and all is good 4 projects, after many time (+1 hour) i retest and all is dead :)

    Maybe time for make test if you not use proxy ... must make test.
  • If you guys have older contextual project that have lots of verified links compared to now please run those verified urls through new project and filter out urls that SER wasnt able to post too send to sven.

    just make sure the urls are still live and postable.
  • magicallymagically
    edited December 2014

    Hmmm, sounds interesting really. I have tried plenty of different footprint variations (Not Blogs) and I'm in the same posstion as many others here.
    Facing slow lpm when running raw scraped urls....

    It's like GSA SER is tuned to only handle those premium lists:P
    Anyway, would you mind sending me a few footprints in a pm?
    I would like to try your footprint + my keywords to see if you indeed are right.

    I bet the result is exactly the same i.e low lmp - If i'm wrong I will buy you a beer;)
  • magicallymagically
    edited December 2014
    Update to my previous reply:

    That being said - I just hit a personal record on LpM using such a premium list...


    Actually the LpM has incresed big time after posting this reply here, meaning it's still climbing...
    So, running with a good list will ensure fast LpM - however that's not the case if it's 'raw' urls...

    That it's surely an improvement - The last few updates has done something, but we are still not entirely there...
    GSA SER is still nr. 1 and pretty damn fast, just need to figure out about the remaining engines + why raw urls seems to be extremely slow.

    We can't possibly be that many users, making the same mistake with wrong footprints - it's not rocket science:P

    Will post one more screenshot after 10-15 min with same settings and list.


    As promised - here is one more screenshot after 10 min. LpM still increasing;)

  • Tim89Tim89
    The issue is not with the LPM... I'm getting lpms of 300-400 still, even now. But your verified links are extremely low.

  • magicallymagically
    Yep - that is correct - even with a premium list, the Verified ones are simply too low!
  • Whats Happening With Me

    GSA SER for me has tremendously gone off the deep end the past few updates. Probably for the
    past month now. I am constantly getting a error message that wont go away. Email errors, lpm
    off more than 50 percent. vpm way off. I keep thinking every update its going to get fixed, but has
    me going backwards. I have been testing everything, trying different scenarios. 

    I went back to version 8.32 last night and got rid of all the errors. THANK GOD! but my lpm and
    vpm is still down , off more than 50 percent. I am starting to think its not GSA SER. I think
    it something else. something to do with the sites it posts too. Something has changed.

    I am using

    Has me completely confused, because even if i just check off blog and trackback comments
    on a brand new project, which both lists have thousands and thousands of verified blog list. after
    24hrs of running, im lucky if i have 400 blog comments verified. 

  • magicallymagically
    Whoa - that seems really bad indeed.
    I can just confirm that the amount of verified is extremely low - even using a premium list.
    Same situation - dedicated server, CB, Captchatronix, 60 private proxies....

    So it's not just you;)

    I believe the engines needs much much more optimization and 1 week test drive in real life!
  • I am trying different emails,, yahoo, etc in each different campaign.

    didnt he just update the engines for improvements a week ago? i remember someone
    mentioning that was helping him update the engines, that we were going to see a huge
    improvement, i remember him saying it was going to take some time. But we would see
    a huge improvement once the update came, and that day when i got the update on the
    improved engines, i noticed a massive amount of download failed/aborted. That update
    really put the latest GSA SER running campaigns on my vps into the BLACK HOLE!

    Something happened with the engines/update. The sites it posts to or doesnt recognize
    the lists. I started getting errors and email cant log in etc. Yahoo was having problems with
    there servers last week. But im still getting those errors in ver 8.32 
  • magicallymagically
    Quite the same here in this end - I get tons of log in it forgets to verify first before...

    Also noticed an increasing amount of general error messages like you.
    In terms of mails, I have tried gmail, yahoo and hotmail - nothing improves it.
  • radrad
    edited December 2014
    what company are you using for your vps?
  • @rad
    The guy you are talking is Trevor_Bandura , and the thread was this:

    Anyway maybe it's not a fault of Ser, because I remember that after that first update you (rad) were talking, I was using the 9.26 Ser version and I get the TRIPLE of the LPM and VPM than the previous versions. I was so happy that later I didn't update Ser for many days.

    But now if you try to install again the 9.26 version (I tried, I saved the file), nothing change. You won't go back to 3X LPM&VPM like before, so it's not a problem of the Ser version.

    Until now, among the almost hundreds of opinions read here on the forum, the one that I think is the most true (IMHO) is this one of Trevor_Bandura , when he says:

    "That might be because the sites, contextual's, might be blocking ips after you join so many different times. I'm sure if you look at plugins available to these contextual sites, there are many that block ip's after so many hits, accounts created or something.

    I'm sure your running the list with many different projects and each one creating accounts on the same sites, just like everyone else does. And these site owners need to do something to stop us from creating links on their sites."

    :(( :(( :((
  • radrad
    edited December 2014

    I'm def not blaming anyone or anything. i am just discussing on whats going on for me.

    i will test that theory out tonight. and use my 10 port reverse proxies to see if there is a difference.
    on brand new campaigns. 

    That would definitely verify that claim right? i was already going to plan this stategy
    for testing tonight. 
  • @rad we are too much people using Ser  :D
    Please somebody go away to use Senuke or Xrumer, please go go go!

    :D  :D  :D
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