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No taget post, and I'm not getting any verified links

I have been trying out the trial version of GSA search engine ranker for a couple days now and I keep getting the same error, "no target post" not only that but it seems that none of the links are been verified, any suggestions on what settings i can tweak?


  • Tim89Tim89
    You need to get your verified list going to see real benefits.

    I suggest to anyone reading this, to get a real grasp on how SER works and performs within the trial period, I encourage you to scrape a list before starting the trial.

    You'll see what it can do if you have a list and you will get the most of your trial period too, use scrapebox or gscraper or @BanditIM's service to scrape, or if you're lazy, just purchase a verified list from sellers in the BST section.

    When you have a big verified list and run off that, you will not notice these errors anymore.
  • how big are we talking about? this seems to be working  a lot less errors but still no submissions 
  • Tim89Tim89
    A few hundred or so verified targets should be good to start seeing results, it really isn't that difficult.

    If you have scrapebox and a few proxies, you could get a list in no time.
  • i think somthing is wrong with the emails, need to check that
  • I would try search for target sites it always works for me, make sure you have good proxies, good emails a sufficient amount, and Good captcha service, Death by captcha works well, but there are others out there that may be work better for you.
  • SerSyncSerSync
    The main things to get decent LPM:

    1. Good Private Proxies
    2. Good email accounts
    3. Decent list of target URL's

    SER is a beast when it is set up correctly but it does take some time to fully understand how to get the best from it.

    With the right set up you can getLPM like this:

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