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Seriously tho....



  • @Samx i would be interested to
  • I am interested too. Please PM me when you have results.
  • Can someone clarify exactly what this URL shorten method is all about? is it really as simple as this ?

    Tier 1
    SER url shortners > money site
    Tier 2
    SER all engines (except documents) > Tier 1
  • SvenSven
    yes thats one possible scenario on how to use them.
  • Sent out an interim report to a few established members. Really I have more questions than answers. I'll do a final report when it seems prudent. No need to ask for it here or PM i.e please don't unless you want to talk about something.

    I think the answer will be that 301s have benefits but don't necessarily improve ranking (of parasites at least) any better than direct linking.
  • Is there really anything more to it that the fact that 301 servers some protective layer against penalties? :-?
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