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Seriously tho....



  • - 1st position for EMD - 3rd position for EMD

    No sign of other keywords yet. 

    I will wait for other keywords to rank before I say this works, but so far, its been interesting.
  • @thunderman What anchors are you using for your test?
  • @Thunderman So in simple terms you did:

    Tier 1
    SER url shortners > money site
    Tier 2
    SER all engines (except documents) > Tier 1

    What is monthly search volume for target keyword?
  • @Samx - On Tier one I am using, General Anchor text in my niche, However I am going to change this today to more specific keyword, so no Anchor Text diversity. I can always add that in later if I need to.

    On Tier Two, I just chose the top 2000 keywords in my niche as the anchor text and put them into the articles, blogs, microblogs and so on.

    @jpvr90 - Exactly like that. The monthly search volume of the targeted keyword is small only 4000 per month. So no biggie at all.

    Yesterday I built 12000 links to Tier One, but I am not sure how many of those links have been indexed at this point. I would only expect to see any real traction if it happens, on Wednesday of next week.

  • hey guys! with the web2.0's right for gsa ser right? some are in polish and German. So do you just add it to your campaign or leave it blank?
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited April 2014
    I'm doing something a little different to @Thunderman

    I've set up three test sites, with all 3 sites being more or less the same, consisting of a different human readable article, a couple of images, a video and a link out to a non Wikipedia authourity site in the same niche.

    All sites are within the same niche, have very similar PMDs and have all been optimsed for speed as much as poss i.e they are getting 97 or 98 in Google page insights.  All three sites were indexed before I started any link building.

    I'm using the same 17 anchor terms on each site (40k monthly searches) with 5 as main and 12 as secondary, as well as branding, generic and domain - I've already discovered what might be an issue with this, which I'll cover later...

    The niche is fairly competitive, but one I'm already making money from with some of my other sites, so I have "proof" it is possible to rank when not using URL Shortners.

    I've set up the 3 projects slightly differently to see if which approach (if any) works:

    Site 1
    T1 is made up of all SER URL Shortners
    T2 is everything other than video and docs PR1+

    Site 2
    T1 is made of all SER URL Shortners PR3+
    T2 is everything other than video and docs PR1+

    Site 3
    T1 is made of 12 non SER Shortners PR5+ (, etc)
    T2 being the same as the other two - everything other than video and docs PR1+

    None of the sites have any CTA/Adsense/Offer as yet, as I'll wait for them start ranking before adding those.

    Going back to that issue I mentioned earlier...URL links are being posted as the shortner URL, which is correct, however as my domain names are keyword rich, I think I'm going to use on of the other anchor text fields to make sure I get a decent number of "proper" naked URLs posted.

  • @davbel my test is similar to that but more simple. I made 3 parasite pages with similar content to you but with an aff link. Low-comp KW.

    Page 1 - direct spam
    Page 2 - Tiered shortners (T1+T2) + T3 spam
    Page 3 - Non-tiered shortners (~same number of page2's T2) + T2

    Page 2 ranked first ~ 66 but it is way too early to say anything.
  • @davbel forgot to say on your anchor issue. If you look at some of those examples it looks like some are using very high exact anchor... something I would like to test as I am using 100% generic right now.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    @samx and anyone here - I've always been intrigued if anyone has tried NOT spamming the sh*t out of the 301s, but instead something like 100 links at most, with high anchor text maybe even 25% for 1 KW. I'd imagine that it's safer because a) there's reduced risk of beign reported for spam and/or setting off some sort of algorithm alarm for spam and b) you can get away with murder if it's on an authority domain. I've only really seen people do either loads of spam or like you've done, massive anchor variation. I think it'd be interesting to try.
  • @spunko2010 as it only cost £12 for domains and privacy I might do another if I get any traction from these 3 :D
  • @spunko2010 what is your theory on that? Just getting the shortened url indexed and rely on the DA? I am not saying it wont work - idk. Here are some stats from one of those links. Looks like link building started ~ Dec 2013. Currently ranked #2... Fairly competitive KW.
    360K total BLs/9.5K unique domains
    66% exact anchor by url and 36% by domain
    5 other LSI anchors make up the rest.
    (thanks ahrefs)
    These are not weak links either the url is 96PA with tons of DA35-50 BLs. Looks like some kind of link network.

    @davbel I'm using a parasite since it is easier to rank. But I assume anchor distribution rules for a parasite are quite different than a fresh domain?
  • After the 1st week I've had nothing.  Not one of the sites has appeared for any of the anchor text terms, even the low volume / comp ones.

    1 week is prolly too soon TBF
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    I'd say 2-3 weeks from experience. I've seen a US redirect site ranking at number 1 for at least 3 weeks, looking at they started building mid February so this makes sense.
  • My parasites are beginning to rank 1 week after link building started. If anyone is interested I'll share the full results once I see where the experiment is going.
  • i would be interested
  • @Samx interested but please make it private (ie. via bulk PM or something).
  • @Samx, I'm interested too, thanks.
  • I am also interested :)
  • @Samx I would like to be included as well.
  • @Samx Interested too mate...
  • @Samx Interested mate
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I would like to see the results as well if there's a place left for me ;)
  • @samx would like to see your results as well.
  • lol ok no worries folks. It will be at least a week before I have a report ready. I'll post a separate thread so no need to spam this one :)
  • Lordy, lordy ppl, c'mon, @samx tells you what we did differently :D

    @Samx, although in saying that, I'd be interested in the "detail" of what you did with your parasites...
  • @samx intrested in your results:)
  • count me in, on that private pm
  • alright thanks a lot @samx BOOM! cant wait man
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @samx - let us know! :-)
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