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SER won't start after the upgrade

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I just upgraded to latest 7.89 and it downloaded and upgrade fine, but since then SER is not starting.. i see the process running an taking 50% CPU for 10 minutes already and nothing.. i tried rebooting, no luck..

Advice please


download latest version manually and install over your current one. Maybe kill running version from task manager.



  • I have same prolem with new version 7.89
  • innozemecinnozemec
    OK apparently it is an issue with the Search_Engine_Ranker.exe
    i noticed it created Search_Engine_Ranker_old.exe after the upgrade, so i just killed the process Search_Engine_Ranker.exe, renamed it Search_Engine_Ranker_new.exe and run the _old.exe and it is running now but at 7.88 ver
  • Same issue here with v7.89 - process just hangs.  Reverted to 7.88 for now.
  • @Sven Same exact problem here. Uninstalling 7.89 and installing 7.88 again fixed the problem for me.
  • innozemecinnozemec
    ok, i thought it is just me, will simply wait for @Sven to fix up the new version and then upgrade :)
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Same here, no restart after update
  • same for me
  • Same here I click it but it wont appear, the breaker opens aright though. :/
  • Same for me too.
  • yes somthing is going on
  • SvenSven
    fixed sorry...somehow i deleted one source code line by mistake and that was resulting in a loop.
  • innozemec I got mine going again with GSA old.
  • Sven , Still not working for me, shows in the task manager only,
  • SvenSven

    You need to download the new version manually:

  • innozemecinnozemec
    edited March 2014
    ah ok..
  • innozemec , same here.
  • Sven, I just downloaded from that new update URL above ^ but it's not working still.
  • @Sven if i download and install manually the latest version would i still have the campaigns in there? I`m afraid of doing so because i don`t want to risk for the campaigns to be deleted and to end up with a fresh GSA with no campaigns in there
  • Edit: It's worked now. :)
  • SvenSven
    is that v7.90 for you ? If not, you must be downloading from cache.
  • seo4all ,  Your projects will be fine.
    Mine are in tact and perfect. 
  • @Sven i upgraded to v 7.89 without knowing it`s not working so i don`t know what to do now. I downloaded the file manually but when i try to run it it gives me the setup which means it might install GSA from scratch. The last thing i want is to lose my campaigns. Any advice ?
  • SvenSven
    @seo4all you lose nothing
  • innozemecinnozemec
    i just upgraded from SER itself to 7.90 and all is fine, thanks for the fast fix Sven!
  • Thanks @Sven and @Titan. Works great now
  • i have same problem here but i don't have and old version :( please can someone share a working version.

    Many thanks
  • SvenSven

    download latest version manually and install over your current one. Maybe kill running version from task manager.

  • seo4all, no problem dude.
  • works fine now :)
  • Wont start again after last today update.
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