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Spamvilla Setup ?

hey guys , i just bought spamvilla to test it with recaptcha but can't find IP:Port that is needed for the field in GSA , can you tell me where can i find that ? 

Btw, do you set spamvilla as 2nd service ? can you use DeCaptcher as 3rd ?

I submitted support ticked on spamvilla 2 days ago but no answer yet, gg

Thanks !


  • SvenSven

    if you add it in GSA SER (again GSA is the company name), you have all the fields there. Same for CB.

    I would take SpamVilla as first service since only recaptcha images are sent there and it would solve them better than CB. And since it's a monthly costs you don't wast anything. No need to send it to CB and wast resources.

  • Thanks Sven , what i meant is what should i enter in IP:Port field , do i get that from spamvilla ?
  • SvenSven
    yes you will get it from them.
  • @sven, so you're saying in SER to set the OCR as the first service and GSA CB as the 2nd service?
  • SvenSven
    yes as spamvilla would be used for recaptcha images only anyway and sending it first to CB and later to Spamvialla would wast time and resources.
  • Does SER recognize that it should send molloms/other types of captchas that Reverse OCR can solve first and thus it should be set as the first service too, like Spamvilla? @sven
  • SvenSven
    Hmm no, in that case I would not set it like that. Reverse OCR will try to solve everything and will give CB not that much a chance to solve things.
  • Okay cool, in that case what setup do you suggest? @sven
  • edited March 2014
    Spamvilla only solves recaptcha, takes like 4 seconds to solve, and only gives you 10 threads for 30 bucks. So it seems like it would be a really bad idea to have it as the first service. It is also completely slows down captcha sniper to a crawl when you add it directly to CS. A better option would be for GSA SER to recognize recaptcha and only send those recaptchas to spamvilla and not CB/CS. Options I would like: - Don't send hard to solve captchas to [Captcha Sniper] - Only send recaptcha to [Spamvilla]
  • SvenSven
    @youngsmeagol thats what you can do with SEr and CB as SER sends only reacptcha to spamvilla by default and you can set CB to skip recaptcha processing. I don't know how CS does it (who cared about that anyway). But having SpamVilla as first option in SER is the best solution.
  • Is spamvilla still working , i am waiting 4 days for them to activate or answer my ticket ...

    What do you think about Reverse proxies compared to Spamvilla ?
  • I've noticed that I get a lot more "recaptcha URL resolve failed" messages with Reverse OCR vs when I was using Spamvilla. Leaning towards this being a proxy issue though. Maybe @acidut can clear it up.
  • nemanja87 Been waiting over 48 hours too. Gonna have to give Eve a try I think and do a paypal dispute if they don't sort it out soon.
  • @hungryim sorry we were expanding our setup orders are going through with revised dates
  • @Sven It's good to know that you recommend Spamvilla as First captcha solver in SER. Thanks for the tip. Please change the suggested setups in SER accordingly.
  • SvenSven
    @mamadou you are right, I will change it for next version.
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