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edited November 2012 in Need Help
I understand that the global site list is not something that is NICHE specific -- and is a list of sites already present in a data file.

For most of my lower quality stuff - - I don't care of these sites being generic.

My question, however, is:

What are the messages that says "Loading 0/249 URLs" mean?

Am I too assume that NOTHING is loading and there are no matches according to my specific criteria in my campaign settings?

Because a LOT of the time, my results/output screen in the bottom half of my screen seems to just endlessly cycle through the lists with 99% of the time it says that "Loading 0/249 URLs" with VERY FEW matches coming up.

Is there a way for me to INCREASE the odds of more URLs loading if I am to understand correctly that these messages are indeed no sites matching a criteria.

Perhaps I have a conflict in the options I have checked.

Thanks for any help cuz it just seems to be a waste of time for program to keep cycling through the same site lists over and over when it could be search keyword targets on the engines.


  • SvenSven
    0/249 simply means that 249 random URLs have been loaded from your site list but 0 of them are new to the project. All of them have been parsed in the past and it will not go on processing any of them.
  • But why does it seem like the loading of these random URLs goes on for ever and every on just ONE project with global sites activated -- I mean -- still like 30 minutes later -- still going... ???
  • most of your URLs are already parsed. Either your site lists are not that big or needs to be feeded with new URLs. Or you just have bad luck with the URLs SER picked up from the site lists randomly.

    "Delete Target History" helps to try to post to URLs again that were not successfull verificated before.
  • @ozz What does it really mean by "URL is PARSED", This is the recent error I found. I import 100k edu site list to SER project. But SER keep saying the "link is parsed" or something else. and make it all failed. But when I import the same list to Scrapebox, 10% is working well. So what is the problem here? Thanks
  • SvenSven
    already parsed means that  you have submitted successfully to that domain before and have the option enabled to not post twice on it or that the engine is avoiding any double posting by its setting and refuses any submission now no matter if successful or failed before.You can turn on the option to "Continuously try to post to a site even if failed before".
  • I was going to open a new thread but this one seems quite close to what I'm asking.

    I get "already parsed" with a lot of URLs even though I don't have "avoid posting twice" switched on. I get this A LOT, even with new lists (imported, not from global lists) and new projects, is there something else going on?

    About sites avoiding double posting, how does having multiple emails in your list affect this?

    Lastly, can you tell us more about the limit to "post continuously"? Does it just loop through the fails sequentially indefinitely?

  • SvenSven

    already parsed is shown also if avoid posting twice is unchecked and one engine has this enabled in there settings. Posting more than once to a guestbook e.g. would make no sense if it was successful once.

    Multiple e-mails have no influence on the double posting at all for now (might change in future).

    "Post Continuously" is trying to submit to a site all the time till it finds it has done that once successfully.

  • Thanks Sven, just to claify, if I have 100 URLs, and #37 fails, are you saying that GSA will keep trying it again and again immediately with the "post continuously" option on, or will it go through the rest of the list, and then start the fails from the beginning of the list again?
  • SvenSven
    It will not try to submit there by itself again, just when a search engine delivers the URL or you import it again.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Great! I have always avoided this feature since I didn't want it stuck trying to submit again and again to the site!!!

    @sven - Am I correct that if you clear target URL history, it will also retry and submit (if you didn't get a link in the past) even if you don't have the option enabled? 
  • SvenSven
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