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Anyone use Namely Platform anymore?

edited November 2012 in Other / Mixed
With Namely.  CS cannot solve it,  Any decaptcha service i've used cannot solve it.    Seems like this engine is not of use to anyone unless you are doing it manually and even with that it is a big pain.    Is there any use to have this engine until that type of captcha is solvable?


  • OzzOzz
    edited November 2012
    You answered your question already by yourself ;)

    But you have at least an option (= cutom mode).
    Edit: with custom mode I meant "solving captcha by hand"
  • haha,  Well doing this by hand defeats the purpose of the software if you ask me.  Automated and Hands off. ;)  Maybe I didn't phrase my question well enough.

    If noone uses this platform  What's the point of having it still?  Besides taking the time to scroll down to Web 2.0. and Unchecking it every time a new campaign is made. :)
  • OzzOzz
    edited November 2012
    Only because its not "user friendly" by now doesn't mean that there won't be a solution one day.

    And because you can solve the captcha by hand, some users have at least an option. If you don't want to uncheck that every time, than just remove it from your engines folder.
  • Okay Will do,  Thanks. :)
  • Sometimes i solve captchas by hand for a few hours. It means, that most of you didnt bother therefore i get more diversity in my own link building with less competition. :)
  • Makes sense Mikie,  Guess I shoulda thought about that more before I asked this question. ;)
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