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GSA SER getting slower for each project

I just moved to a new server and I noticed that editing projects were fast as hell, but as soon as add all the projects I have, GSA SER takes 5-10 seconds when saving a project I edited.

If I remove like 50% of the projects, the speed is also around 50% faster at saving an edited project.

How come this is?

My advice for everyone is to remove idle projects, it will speed up editing projects a LOT!


  • SvenSven
    can't be an issue of how many projects you have. It works on the opened project only, nothing else.
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    @Sven I'm telling you that is what is happening. I've tested on two servers.

    I have more than 100 projects, when I edit one, it takes 5-10. If I remove them, so I'm down to 30-50 its a lot snappier.
  • @Sven I have Teamviewer for you if you want to see for your self?

    No one else is noticing this?

  • SvenSven
    Might be better if you send the project backup.
  • I would need to send you 200 projects then? :-)

    It's not A project, that is the problem but the slowdown when having several hundreds.

    You sure you don't just want Team Viewer?
  • SvenSven
    I need to debug it anyway :/
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    @claus - with teamviewer @sven is limited in the timespan he can do it, and also limited when he can do it, sending him the projects and describing the problem as detailed as possible will get the bug fixed much faster and better than any teamview could. At the same time it will not waste both of your time.
  • Ferryman no doubt about that, I have sent Sven projects in the past. My reason to use TV is because Sven is doubtful that it is actual a bug (look at first answer) :-)
  • Tim89Tim89
    @claus10 this happens to me too, but I just deal with it... I set up around 200-300 projects per install and then I don't touch it until my campaigns are finished.. doing this means I dont get frustrated with the lagging response times when trying to edit campaigns/projects..
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    @claus10, @sven have that thing too - as soon as projects are runnig editing any one slows down noticably, sometimes the edit project window even opens in the background - so I have to minimise gsa and maximise it again for the edit project window to show.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    If you have too many projects SER is slow.
    If you have less projects SER is fast.

    I think you already know the answer.
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    Conflicting answers here from you guys so I'll try to address it so everyone is one the same page:

    1. GSA SER is slowing down editing projects when you have many of them (like 100+). It's also when stopped - not running. Try stopping your GSA SER edit a project and SAVE it (press OK). My bet is it takes several seconds. Next shut down GSA, move 90% of your projects out of the DIR, open GSA again, and notice how zippy it is.

    2. Sven has already stated that it should not be happening as it is on per project basis - see above. Therefore it's not simply OK with an "set up and leave it, it's the way it is" approach, since it shouldn't be happening in the first case.

    3. @Brandon my point in 2. should answer your answer :-)

    I will try and get a bunch of projects together, and send to Sven.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @Claus10 Having 100+ projects will require more memory than 1 project. That's the bottom line and your testing proves it.
  • ronron
    edited February 2014

    @claus10 One of the things you should look at is using tokens in places where the projects store information. For example articles, keywords, etc.

    I haven't done it with articles yet because I have things humming along. But you should take a look at your individual project folders to see how much space is taken by articles spins and the like.

    In many respects, we the users bloat the software.

    The last thing I noticed is that sometimes I have one helluva bad time editing projects via remote session (RDP). A lot of that has to do with the connection between your PC and the server. And it can be on either end. This particular issue has caused me a lot of grief.

    So pinning all of this on one issue is probably not the best answer. I thinks it is a few things. 

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    @Brandon agree do disagree then. Yes when running GSA blasting 200 threads of course it takes resources. However editing a project when GSA SER is stopped, only using 200-300 MB, and we know it's all running based on text files, not one big DB, then it shouldn't have anything to say. And again, the developer of the program SAYS it has nothing to with how big or many projects we have, so why do you still persist on saying otherwise? Please note this is not a dig at Sven, I have yet to send him projects to work with.

    @Ron yeah I noticed that as well, that loading big Kontent Machine would slow down, but this is not really the case here. I use tokens as well. Again... I have tested this on 2 servers and it has nothing to do with RDP (I don't doubt that you have experienced issues). As soon as we move a big part of the projects, project editing is zippy as hell.

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