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GSA Decreasing LPM over time.

Hey guys just wanted start off the thread by saying this tool is awesome. But I always noticed after many hours of the campains running. Slowly and steadily the LPM drops and after many hours it goes as low as 5 LPM. But! when you restart the project it goes back up to the LPM we started with which is at about 45 LPM. Does anyone know what is going on? Please leave ur responses below and always thanks in advance!


  • Got exact same issue. Looks like I have an overall higher lpm if I manualy restart my project every 3 hours :D Not sure why it is like this...
  • Oh okay good thing its not only me. Maybe we can get some feedback on how to resolve this issue. Honestly this is quite annoying.
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    Same thing here, @Sven said this was because the projects were verifying hence the low thread count but disabling verification changed nothing. I currently set a maximum of 1000 threads to run GSA and the first 5-10 minutes are always the best with GSA constantly going at 700-1000 threads and seeing the verification count go up like crazy (as it should). However, roughly 30 minutes later the thread count starts dropping to <100 and it stays there until I restart the projects again. I've found out that this only happens when I select easy engines to post to such as xpress engine and drupal. If I add in a couple of other engines then the thread count goes up (obviously). Forgive my ignorance if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking GSA was made to naturally "give way" to other engines and not fully utilize freed up threads. I'll be bookmarking this page, hoping there is somehow a fix for this. Just to add a couple of things I've noticed over the last couple of months, it doesn't matter if I run 5 or 50 projects the "end" thread count would always be somewhere around 90-150. This has lead me to believe that GSA can only handle a constant rate of 90-150 instead of fully utilizing the other free threads IF and ONLY IF very few engines are selected (currently this problem occurs when I only have 2 selected).
  • I thought that this Lpm decrease was due to verification threads.
    I have the exact same thing but my Lpm goes even lower (below 40Lpm)… Hope we'll find a solution
  • One example of what you can do is disable inefficient engines, another is to get an ssd, a third one is to get semi-dedicated proxies - without knowing your setup there is really no way of telling if the LpM is high or low
  • I run GSA on a dedicated VPS (windows Seven):
    128GB SSD
    50 dedicated proxies + 50 semi-dedicated
    2 CPU are allocated to this OS
    4GB Ram
    I use both my lists and lists I recently bought on this forum...

    As other users said, the LPM slowly decreases but it can easily reach more than 600 Lpm on GSA startup… I don't think my conf is the problem here, and I don't want to disable engines as my targets cover almost all engines types.

    If I stop/restart GSA, Lpm instantly comes back to its peak then slowly decreases again...
  • @wemi, the point of disabling engines is to disable those engines which are not giving you any results. Compare your submitted list to your verified list and you will see what engines are completely useless to try submitting to with your setup.
  • Getting the exact same issue here, any news on a fix?
  • The same thing seems to happy for me.
  • Looks like the only thing you can do is to stop/start GSA. This allows you to temporarily regain high LPM but doesn't solve the problem at all.
    Moreover, stopping then Restarting GSA seems to result in a target url loss. Am I wrong ?
  • Maybe the problem is the amount of projects you're running. On one gsa the lpm is always high or decent but I have like 5 or 6 projects running. The other gas that dies I have at least 16 running.

    One with 5 project running there's a total of about 10 total projects.

    The one that slows down probably has 80-100 projects.

  • Are you running GSA on a server or just on your PC?
  • I had that problem first on my laptop cause of high cpu's and low memory unitl a purchased a VPS now it runs at full capacity no problems.
  • Yeh, i guess everyone is having this issue. No im not hosting GSA on my PC.. I have a VPS ...
  • I experience the same trouble even when GSA is running on a single project.
  • Has anyone found a fix to this Lpm decrease ?
    Even with GSA latest update, my Lpm is decreasing after few minutes…
    Is it possible that GSA suffers from threads leak or maybe that threads are not killed when timeout is reached ?
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    With the latest update my LpM is pretty stable. Guess @sven should really remove LpM as statistic - how many verified do you get a day? How many submitted?

    Posted a feature request here btw -
  • Ferryman, glad to learn that your Lpm is stable…
    I don't think that the name of this metric is the real problem… You can create any indicator you want. All I say is that (like many users here and on other discussions) even when using fresh and verified lists, GSA is not posting as fast as it should post. My threads seem to become inevitably inefficient over time while I use a powerful dedicated server and 100 dedicated/semi-dedicated proxies...
  • Are you guys using Askmebot ? Have to run some more tests but disabling this "tool" seems a good thing for GSA efficiency
  • I have the same problem, from 100/125 lpm to about 15/20 and when you stop the projects and start again everything is fine for a while.

    I have noticed that the time between 100/125 lpm to 15/20 LPM is getting lesser and lesser by the day Specs: GSA + Captcha Sniper +Eve
    Clean Global list
    VPS 4GB ram
    30 private proxies
    200 threads
    HTML 180
    Any idea anyone?
  • I dont think lpm should be removed as i find it useful to gauge if something is messed up. Granted it causes alot of whining but its also helpful so leave it in! I used to get the same issue but not these days now i do all the tweaks mentioned on the forum.
  • After updating to the last verion my LPM starts at about 50-60 (which is usual for me) and drops to 8-9 after 20-30 mins. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Well it's recommended to keep your thread count below 100. Maybe there's some sort of memory leak or other performance related issue that stalls the threads and causes this problem? I guess one solution is to write a bot that monitors LPM and restarts GSA if it falls below a certain threshold. With the speed that GSA bugs are fixed I have a feeling Sven will be adding this as a feature soon if it works. I know Xrumer comes with a free bot that restarts it every X hours just for the sake of stability.
  • Where is this bot?^
  • KaineKaine
    Same problem here, i can't isolate.
  • I use GSA for article wiki links mostly for my web 2.0's created on Magic submitter, in the earlier 6. and 7. versions i used to get 200 to 300 verified article wiki links in couple of minutes now i have to site almost 20-30 minutes. I am thinking may be those sites are now using recaptcha but yet i have one old version 7.61 some times this gets 300 wiki links in minutes some times it takes 20-30 minutes. I always used CB as captcha breaker nothing paid, but even when i try with eve and captchaeater, i still get low LPM.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    @fakenickahl that sounds like a plan, is there an automated way to remove dead engines I couldn't find it under the Tools menu...
  • @spunko2010 I don't believe there are any automated way of removing dead engines, but using the option "List1 vs. List2" on your submitted and verified lists will make it obvious to you which engines are a waste of your time. Personally I don't use any service to solve recaptcha so I've disabled all engines that mainly uses this along with other bad performers.

    And you'll find the mentioned option in Options > Advanced > Tools > Show stats.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
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    How is MS running these days?

    With GSa running so poorly for me i need to add something...I used MS for years

  • For me MS is slow, i only use it for web 2.0 and for pligg bookmarks some times.
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