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Running GSA on a Dedicated Server


I am considering purchasing a a dedicated server to run GSA + CB exclusively on and I have a few questions.

1) If I get a 32gb of DDR3 RAM will GSA + CB be able to work faster than say 16gb of DDR3 ram?
2) Is it better to have more CPU power or more memory for GSA + CB?
3) Does GSA + CB work in Windows 2012 Server? Or does GSA + CB work better in Windows 2008 Server?

Anything else I should know about running GSA + CB on a dedicated server?



  • Hi

    @gooner might be the best person to answer as he has many dedis. I have a fast dedi, so I'll try and answer:

    1+2) I think I'm right in saying that SER won't use more than 4GB RAM but is very CPU hungry, so a faster CPU is preferred. However, if you want to run other tools at the same time, a 32GB server is good (I have a 32GB, 8-core server). 

    3) Not sure but using SER on my 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate (8GB RAM dual core laptop) it's much more fluid than my 2008 Win on my server.

    It depends how you want to use SER, are you going to scrape using Gscraper/Scrapebox and feed in lists, run pre-bought verified lists, let it scrape itself? I let SER scrape itself while I teach myself how to scrape lists, and it's pretty good I can get 100LPM without posting to the same site. My verified list is only 50 days old. That's all down to setup, which you should read lots on here to figure out. Look for posts by ron specifically (although there are many more guys on here that drop nuggets of info).
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    Hi @JudderMan , Thanks for your response.

    Yeah it's going to be purely a GSA machine. I have another VPS for sraping with Hrefer. So GSA will only have to run projects and import scraped and filtered links at the same time. 

    I'm leaning towards 16gb, will that be enough. The Dedicated servers' CPUs I'm tossing up between are an Intel Core i7 4770 or an Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 (they are both the same price). Which would work better? Here are the differences, but I have no idea which will work better specifically for GSA. I am buying this Dedi purely for GSA + CB. 
  • Core i7 4770 and E3-1230v3 are same cpus. 1230v3 is just server version of i7 4770.

    GSA + CB dont use much ram so its not important, only CPU is important.
    Check ,,,

    1)  No
    2) More CPU power
    3) Go for 2008/windows 7/vista

    TIP: look for server with free IMPI/ KVM so you can install own OS. You can buy windows vista or 7 box and install it on dedicated server so you dont have to pay monthly for windows 2008 license. Some companies charge alot for windows 2008 ($20-$30 monthly). Sometimes cost of windows 2008 OS is 50% of dedicated server cost (for example in ovh). If you want to buy server with free IPMI go for

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    Volume drive is shit. They don't tell you if they are in stock or not.
    After 5 days they activate my VPS, only to see they gave me a weaker machine than what I ordered(without telling me).
    When confronted they told they will deduct from my future month costs.
    Their internet has been down for 12 hours and counting right now.
    @satyr85 good tip about installing windows in kvm!
  • I'm moving from Volumedrive soon. Same thing, I got a weaker system and wasn't told. System has been down for too long, they say DDOS attacks but I don't believe them. Prices are good and support is OK (sometimes) but judging from their history (Google them) it's not the first time they disappear when stuff goes wrong. Sounds like a few kids in their bedroom run the company.
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    @cefege @judderman.

    Where are you guys thinking of moving to?  I am in my first month with volumedrive and I must say I am a little disappointed with performance.  I moved from a Berman 2 core 2 gig ram to a VD dedi 4 core 4 gig ram, expecting to see a good improvement and I am not seeing much difference at all if truth be told...
  • I like the performance of Volumedrive (I bought the fastest one) but I was disappointed with the amount of times it goes down and the fact I paid for a different server originally. There are a few I have my sights on but need to do some more research into them. Will let you know when I buy. Next one will be faster dual CPUs with less RAM (I have 32GB and it's no different to my 8GB laptop for a multiple duties.
  • Not sure yet, back to solid for now. Never had technical problems with them.
    However they are overpriced and I am sure I will find a dedi with better specs at the same price.
    This chart can help you decide what CPU to get:
  • @cefege and @judderman I think I ran into the same problem with volumedrive as well, but I was so lucky that I got double the amount of ram and harddrive space than I ordered and a better cpu. Because of this and the fact they do not limit your bandwidth usage (I asked them) has made me very happy with them, and so far I have not seen anything on my server being down for 1½ months. It sucks to see not everyone is getting the same experience as I am.

    And OP, you shouldn't go for a too powerful cpu according to my experience. If you do, you'll just end up with a lot of unused power, because SER's limited ram usage will limit your cpu. However this might depend on how you're running SER.
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    @satyr85 thanks man.

    I have a spare Windows Vista license around somewhere. I never knew GSA+CB could run on that.

    Also I can get Windows 2012 for cheap ($5 per month), is that okay to use GSA on?
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    @bneslsc or just get w7 from some torrent site :)
    @fakenickahl glad to hear you are not having problems. I asked for my money through paypal and volumedrive refused my refund. Hoping paypal claim will fix my problems. Sucks if I lose 90 bucks to them ...
  • @cefege I doubt paypal will rule in your favor as there is no buyer protection for digital goods but best of luck. Sad to see volumedrive turn out like this, the prices looked just too good... :-S
  • goonergooner
    @cefege - I've had bad experience with volumedrive too recently. The best thing to do is post about on forums so even if you don't get a refund, they will lose business. There's a lot of people here that would use them but not now hopefully!!
  • What was your bad experience @Gooner?
  • goonergooner
    @brumnick - I waited over a month for delivery of the server, when i got it it was lower spec than i ordered.
    I told them it's no good and i wanted a refund or immediate replacement, they argued and tried to make BS excuses why it is good.
    Then said "Someone from our billing department will contact you". Of course, no one ever did.
  • @bneslsc - I'm using dedicated server for months... first one was huge one but using Debian + VirtualBox having W2K7 on it. Had some trouble (sometimes freezing due to huge request) and I decided to change.

    Now dedicated server. 16Gb, 4core HT (=8CPU), 2To HDD with RAID 1 hardware (good to avoid crash disk!) and connection 200Mb/s upload/download. Using with 30 dedicated proxies and 20 shares = 350 threads under GSA SER + Indexer with 400 threads + CB it's going really fast. In normal use 13GB memory utilisation max and CPU between 40/upto 80%max.

    Oh I forgot: I'm using ESXI directly on hardware, then I can quickly move to stronger computer if needed! it's really simple! Just have to move the files with SC/linux.

    Here you can order it it's fast delivery process (less 20mn!):   they have smaller but also bigger one.

    Good luck!
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    cefege I dont think we are overpriced at all... To be compared to any seo hosting around such as Powerup or Host stage, we are the cheapest...

    You can find lowendbox vps same for $5 usd a year too, and also dedicated for $19 a month, but would it work for your Seo? This part is what people dont get most of the time... So i think we are the cheapest when it comes to high quality Seo hosting and for our price we are giving much more to be compared to what the client's pay to be honest with you from specs, 100% uptime to a real 24/7 support ...
  • @solidseovps

    Hey Solid. You guys are awesome, but you are a little expensive. Sorry to say.
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    I dont think this is true, I dont know to whom you are comparing but this is what is other provider on this same forum price :)

    1- 1GB VPS, with 35GB storage and 100mbit Price is $29USD  , Our Price is 19.95 With 1gbps with 75GB of storage

    2- 2GB vps with 70GB storage and 100mbit Price is 54.99USD, our Price is 34.95 with 1gbps and 150GB

    3- 4GB vps with 140Gb storage and 100mbit price is 94.99USD, our price is 64.95 with 1gbps and 300GB

    So i dont know who you are comparing us to? :)

    There is many windows vps out there maybe for $10 usd a month, but what is their up time and performance? what is their support like?

    You should ask yourself this, You can ask also our clients here, if they had any downtime with us? Any reboots like other providers? Any time they had an issue what is our support respond time? Then you will decided if we are really expensive or our price and service is among the best in the market today ;)

  • Solidseovps is right, they are cheap.

    The people commenting are moaning about a service from another provider, yet expect the world for a few $ a month... If you are really committed to getting the most of your software and best bang for your buck STOP trying to be cheap skates and front up some cash for a decent server with excellent support. This IMO is solidseovps

    If you think solid's prices are expensive then by all means keep paying for a the cheapest VPS server you can find and continue to experience issues, but leave it off the forums.

    FYI :

    Gscraper at 1500 threads on solids server, Low LPM due to public proxies, with paid its around 69k per min but with so many threads they get blocked easily.

  • goonergooner
    @solidseovps are not especially expensive, more importantly the VPS are very good quality. Customer support is awesome too.

    I doubt any VPS could beat the results i got using solidseovps.
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    Well I don't know really if that is true. Solidseovps used to have fake profiles in the past to bump his threads so some of these here could be too.

    Honestly said VPS from Solidseovps, Poweruphosting and Hostamus are expensive and who knows how many people are on their servers. It seems that they all are avoiding to tell me the truth even though I ask them few times. 

    I mean for 60$-100$ you can get decent dedicated server and split it with your friends and save on your expenses. You will get much more from dedicated server and on VPS you will get max 4GB for same price because they are greedy. Good thing about dedi is that you will know who you share your server with and how many of them are on it. Not like here. Probably 20 people all grinding same CPU, they give you 3-4GB rams and charge big price on top of it. Not to mention that you will have to setup VPN which is another expense 15-20$ after they receive complains because of GSA or Gscraper or they will shutdown your VPS. 

    They know that they are safe with Paypal and you won't be able to get refund. That's how I was scammed last month by after I lost a case from Paypal (because of intangible goods policy) even though he scammed us big time!

    And soldseovps if you are compering your "low prices" with poweruphosting he actually has promo prices for BHW members:

    My friend is with and pays 32$ for SSD with 4GB and Windows 2008. Now that I call real and reasonable VPS price. 

    If there are people who want to buy dedicated server with me so we could save on expenses PM me!

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    SpecialOne I dont know what you try to prove, If you found cheaper company Goodluck with it, keep saving

    Also if you think its very easy to do this because you make it sounds very easy, Why dont yo go for it, we never force anyone to signup with us, People decide what they want, people are not stupid.

    Also to prove you are not actually try to help anyone here but your agenda, I didnt ask @gooner or @IMS to write anything here or they are not my profile as you claim..

    If you are happy about your wonderworld vps company and you are saving tone of money, Goodluck we are not fighting you against it.. I have to stop this nonsense

  • Update on volume drive...

    I think I will be moving on from these guys at the end of my current billing period.

    I have had my "IP nulled due to too many packets" the last 2 days running.

    I was told to lower my thread count (now lower than my old Berman) and I should be okay.  WHne checked, Berman had 1000mbps bw and volume drive only 100 mbps.

    I am now paying for a 4 core/4 ram dedi that i have to run less threads on than a 2 core 2 gb ram vps.

    Can anyone recommend a decent reasonable priced dedi?

    Thank you please! 
  • @solidseovps guys are great. Saying from my heart really. I now have 2 VPS with them and never had a down time with them too. Been with them since some 6-7 months now.

    I have been hopped to them from other competitor and compared to them, their prices were cheap. I guess you maybe have arrived newly after the new price change of theirs.

    We the old customers were locked with the old price but still not a significant difference.

    Support is excellent too, tickets got always replied within 30 minutes at the max.

    Of course, never take anyone's word, that's the beauty of consumer's market. Try it yourself maybe and see whatever provider you chose stands the test of the time.
  • Recently i bought second license of SR and CB and I am currently testing Kimsufi server (i7, 32GB) - its now second month. 
    I didnt know how to install win on it so i decided to use - they installed it for me and also got windows for free for 180 days :)
    This server is realy great, i didnt have any issue yet, and i am not only using SER but also Gscraper for 24 hours scraping :)
  • @Brumnick, I'm sorry to hear that. How many threads were you using before decreasing it? I'm using 700-1000 myself so I'm a little worried about getting this. However have you considered to get the $10 1gbps burstable network connection upgrade? They told me that you need to maintain a 100 mbps average on that upgrade if that's possible to you.
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    I was only using 450 threads!

    This is what i got from them; "It seems your main IP was receiving/sending massive amounts of packets (15 million PPS+)"  

    he then told me to reduce my threads...

    He didn't mention the upgrade at all even when we talked about bandwidth or lack of.
  • @Brumnick, I really don't know much about this, but 15 million packets per second sounds outragous for ser to be using. I'll try monitoring it on my server in a minute to see if I'm seeing something similar.

    Oh, I realize they would probably have suggested it themselves then if it was a possible solution.
  • @fakenickahl

    Yeah, I have no idea either to be honest.  Any ideas how I can monitor it?
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