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How to solve this problem: "Captcha Sniper X stop working because port 80 is currently in use"

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When i use the Capthcha Sniper X in my VPS , I cant run the CS ,it said"Port 80 is currently in use,stop the services listening on port 80 and restart Captcha sniper" 
But in my Bermanhosting VPS,i only run the GSA and CS. I don't know what happened and how to solve it. Please Help.



  • Download TCPView, you can google that and then look for Port 80.

    Also, make sure you have turned off all the services related to SQL server, Web deployment etc along with IIS.

    Finally open up cmd and type in the following:
    Click on Start-->search for cmd-->type in net stop wv3c
    And repeat
    Click on Start-->search for cmd-->type in net stop w3svc

    That should fix your issue.
  • Read the manual, its in your installation folder. Most typical port 80 errors are shown in it and how to solve that issue.
  • had this error too..

    closed CS, then unchecked "use hostfile redirect"...

    check with TCPview. no Port 80 active..

    strange error..

  • Hello: where can I find that  "use hostfile redirect"?
    Thank you.
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