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Guys, how do you manage to get 300-600 threads at all on decent machines?

I can see guys achieving 600 threads with 3.5Ghz

Mine 3.5Ghz 3570k with 150 threads stays at 80-95, but at 300 threads it chokes in "out of memory" errors in 50 minutes or so, with only 400-500 mb ram used, all that with pretty forgiving settings, i.e. log Verified/Failed only, no log to file, no keywords, other settings like that

Could somebody with comparable, say, "threads per Ghz" performance be so kind to post their:

  • Options --> Advanced
  • Project --> Options

screenies and the number of Emails and proxies they're using. That would be really appreciated ;)



  • You probably don't have enough projects. 
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    I have just one actually :-S It somehow affects overall performance :-? ?
  • Yeah man, I can only run at 50-200 on one project. Don't worry about it, SER is running as fast as possible for one project. As you have already seen, run it and see where the out of memory errors come in then throttle it back until it runs OK. That's the limit of your machine/settings/filters/proxies.
  • Thanks for your time bro :)>- . I guess its trial and error, then.
  • Certainly is :) I'm constantly testing various things to try and get results, it's the only way IMO. I've read tonnes on here and elsewhere but doing things yourself is the best way. Good luck.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I play with over 100 projects and I run ser at around 400-600 threads, not had the out of memory error some quite some time now... but when I did, I just ignored it, SER still continues to work in the background so I wouldnt worry about it!
  • Really @Tim89 ? Every time I get the error it cancels threads and runs slower. I run around 300 projects at 700 threads but sometimes it drops to 250 threads if 700 is too much. I can't figure out what the exact problem is as most of the projects are different to each other.
  • goonergooner
    @judderman - Once you've trimmed down the data in the projects as much as possible i think it's just a matter of finding the right number of projects/threads for your setup.

    At the moment i can run 200 projects at once with 800 threads, if i push that to 900 i get out of memory issues.

    I also found the best servers for SER are those with 2x Xeon's with 12 cores/24 threads.
    A friend told me that Xeon's are the best processors for handling large amounts of data, like SER uses.
    I've definitely found that to be true.
  • Cool :) I am due to shake up my setup next month as I have some major projects to work on so will be buying another dedi and SER/CB soon.

    I wish server providers would do 64bt Windows and/or SER have a 64bit option. I've been setting up projects on my Win 7 Ultimate 64bit and it's so much faster and fluid, and my laptop is pretty crap and old now, especially compared to my dedi. Once done, I just send the file through Dropbox and run on the dedi :)
  • goonergooner
    yeaaa 64bit would be awesome
  • I also found out that when I switched my VPS from 2GB RAM to a 4GB version the number of memory errors drastically decreased. My setup: 800 threads --> fine, no memory errors - 900-1200 threads --> memory errors appear (not that much - but the window appears from time to time).
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I typically run 10-15 projects at 800-1000 threads.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    Obviously, using a cpu with more cores/hyperthreads will increase performance within SER, SER does lots of things at once making it a multi-tasker, having more free cores will lower the load needed, meaning you can ramp up those threads within SER itself.

    my above comment was meant to read "I play with over 100's" a couple of months ago I actually counted my projects and I had around 340 or so campaigns going on and 800 threads ran fine, but it did stress my internet connection enough that I could not browse the internet on other devices that were connected to that connection.

    that machine is running an intel i7 3770K which is a quadcore 3.5ghz processor which has 8 hyper threads I believe making it just as comparable to an 8 core cpu to some if not, most applications.

    When you start looking at CPU's with 6/8/12 actual cores, processing speed is sacrificed, for example the i7 3930K is a 6 core CPU with 12 threads, but its factory clock speed is 3.2ghz, you get my point, not that it is a dramatic difference considering you can simply install a watercooler and ramp that up to over 4ghz anyway.

    Processors help decrease the memory load, if you have a shabby cpu, more work is offloaded to the ram, which will then cause memory errors within applications, ram is used for storage and execution, cpu's are used for execution and processing.

    I'm not sure if sven has done anything to the maximum memory limit within SER or not but having a much better CPU, overclocked to its' limit will work much better than having 32 or 64 gigs of ram simply because ser only uses 2gb or so of ram or is limited to this amount, hence the errors.

    My arguement is, if you want to run a shedload of projects at a high thread count, get yourself a CPU with as many cores as possible and get the clock speeds up as high as you can, Then I would get 8/16 gigs of ram, maybe even less.

    check this AMD processor out;

    I'm not vouching for it because I only work with intel, but look at the price for that and it's six cores and comes factory unlocked so imagine getting that running at 5ghz, for only £70. bargain.

    Intels 6 core:

    Intel xeon:

    I'm am not saying that AMD is better or faster than intel, but who cares of fraction of seconds when all you want to achieve is run as many campaigns as possible at once..
  • goonergooner
    @tim89 - If you're building your own machine then that makes total sense.
    I was referring to renting a dedi, you can get 2 Xeon's - 12 cores/24 threads for $100 month.
    That's far outperformed anything i've tried and i'm onto my 6th dedi now.

  • @gooner what LPM do you have?
  • @gooner, which hosting provider is this? I can't find any that give dual core w/ windows for that price.
  • goonergooner
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    @micha 200 - 400 LPM
    @nitinsy - The guys i use are currently out of stock, but if you search around you will find multiple companies that offer cheap dedi's. They all have limited stock, so i don't want to advertise them and make the problem even worse.
  • Thanks @gooner, I understand your concern.
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