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How many GSA SER you own and run ? Don't know if I should get 2nd one or not

grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider

Hi guys, I wanted to know how many GSA SER license you have and run on your vps or whatever devices you use. Currently I run SER on VPS - Wizard package from solidseovps (, using 30 private proxies from buyproxies, solving captchas with CB and scraping using SER only(verified lists enabled as well for every project). 700 threads(however at this moment SER uses only 400), 120 html timeout, 10s between SE queries. I have 41 active campaigns running. Most of them are 3 Tier projects where I create 10 verified for 1440 min, and then tier 2,3 get 10 - 100 verified per URL for 1440 min. 4 campaigns are set without any pause, building as many links as possible 24/7. My CPU is always 99%, Mem 2 - 2+GB, (at this moment 2,39GB). Lpm varies from 20-60.

I want to create a small network of manually created web 2.0 sites - 20 different properties. For every web 2.0 I would create a campaign of 2 tiers. So for a one 'network' that would be 40 projects. I want every web 2.0 to get as much links as I'm able to create with SER and my current skills, so I decided to create separate campaign for each web 2.0, because I'm getting like 30k vefiried a day max. Do you guys think that it's a good idea to get a second GSA SER + CB license and run it on another VPS for these WEB 2.0 netowrks ? That would cost me additional 114.95$/mo (vps + proxies) and of course the cost of new SER and CB. I know it's all about ROI so I'm not scared of investing my money in new licenses and so on and I got money for this, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. What do you guys think ? Maybe some of big players could give me advice whether it's ok to add that much projects or it's really worth to get another set up.



  • ronron

    You have to be able to justify why you are doing it. I can't tell you how many times I bought software when I wasn't ready to use it. Not to mention the server plus proxies.

    It's economics. I have 150 projects on one server. Some people have a lot more. One of the decisions I made two months ago was to kill off a lot of T3's. I started making my T2's fatter to offset the links. I simply wanted more websites on one server - I didn't really need another license even though I have more licenses.

    I think as you progress with SER, you need to trim some dead branches. I would be a little more focused on getting some authority/high PR links going to those sites as well. If you really want to make those web2.0's a strong buffer, go above and beyond SER. You won't regret it. The buffer protects you, and in effect, will be very responsible for your rankings. So do more than just SER, and you won't need a server for that exercise.

    At some point, you have to be able to show some earnings before adding investment. You didn't mention whether you are making money, or simply just confident and optimistic. I would want to see a revenue justification before doing it. 

  • goonergooner
    I think @ron covered all of the points there, for me the big issue of adding another server is the cost.
    Another copy of SER + CB, another server to rent, maybe more links to pay to be indexed, more proxies.
    It's a big expense and i would only do it if you are 100% you need to do it.
    Otherwise you end up spending another $300 upfront + $100 - 200 per month.
    So i would only do that if you can be sure you'll make that money back plus a profit on top.

    For now, maybe add more projects and check how many links your projects are getting. If you decide they are still getting enough, whatever that figure might be, then delay the upgrade until you can't hold off any longer.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Do you earn from it? Simple as that.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    edited February 2014

    Thank you guys for your replies! Yea @ron you're right, firstly I should clear up my campaigns a bit. Generally, now I use SER only, to rank my money sites and it's enough to climb to top1, but all the sites eventually drop down - it's no wonder for me, but I'd like to keep them ranking longer, so that's why I decided to go with web 2.0 as T1 this time. Once I created small money site on and with 1 tier I increased PA to 62, TF to 13 and CF to 40 and I thought that creating a network of sites like this and make them tier 1 will probably help me to keep rankings for longer. I don't think that I really need high PR links for my niches -it's all low comp, but I thought about other technique - there's a sales thread on bhw with that - you get tinyurl which is spammed with social signals to make it looks going viral and then blasted with links. I think I'll play more with social signals and something similar to this sales thread - this would be cheaper and I think strong enough for my niches. Maybe I'll purchase the cheapest package, but I think I can do it cheaper myself - OP said which provider he uses to outsource social signals and I could blast it with contextual links with SER + buy comment blast on fiverr for 5 bucks. This would cost me about 60$

    Yep I already make money, but I want to get to the point where I'll be making 100$ a day, staying in the niche I'm already in - it's not being optimistic, I simply know that I can get 3000$ a month out of it. That's my resolution. So I thought new license would be necessary for these new web 2.0 networks but after your advice guys I think I'll try to get along with my current set up and if that really wouldn't be possible for some reason then I'll purchase another license - @gooner you're right, it's a big expense - I haven't reached the point of 100$ a day yet, so that would noticeably cut my february income.

  • @gooner I saw on one post you are running 1000 threads..........what is your server specification

    @grax1 i believe to put return back in business if it is giving me back. I dont mind to add another server with GSA SER and GSA CB if I am earning enough to scale things up. its all how your business is going and how much you are making money. So all you know best when to add another copy of SER to your business.
  • goonergooner
    @idreesfarooq - It's 2 Xeon's E5530 with 16GB RAM.

    @grax1 - I use a rule that i only allow a maximum of 10% of my income to go out again on expenses. In this type of business that's a realistic target.

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