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Total submissions ZERO This is not working please help???

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I have just downloaded the trial version with the intention of purchasing, however after watching all the tuorial videos and then watching them again, I am concerned that maybe I haven't done something quite right... I am running this on a local machine, and it has been running my first campaign for the last 2 hours. The count is as follows: Threads 15 Today Submitted 52 Today Verified 2. 

Can someone tell me does this sound about right... Am I to assume that it will always be slow at this in acquiring links? I have a pretty fast internet connection and it still seems very slow... 

Anyone got any suggestions???


  • You need to provide a lot more information (proxies, threads, SE count, if email is blacklisted, used plattforms and so on).
  • Ok, I will try to include as much as I can, but after 5 hours of running, yesterday, it seems I ended up with a total of 29 submitted and 3 verified links..... At this rate it may take a year to build 5000 backlinks. There has to be something wrong. Why did the numbers change from 3 hours previously where I had 52 submitted and now only 29 submitted 

    Does the software manufacturer help with settings?

    I used the settings straight from the video tutorials. This is what I have

     Where to submit...
    Social Bookmark
    Social Network

    Skip sites with more than 100 outgoing links on one page
    Skip sites below PR1
    Pause project after 100 verifications for 1440 minutes
    Avoid posting URL on same domain twice

    In fact I printscreened it to make it easier


  • My email is not on blacklist..... I don't know squat about proxies so I just used the settings that came with the program and what is SE count?
  • The amount of search engines (SE) you use. Are you using private proxies?
  • SvenSven
    The biggest mistake people do is the use of proxies. I get the feeling that many search for new public proxies but forget to test them. So all the found proxies are used but many will not work. Make sure you test the proxies at least once after you add new by hand or search.
  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    The last time I had to use use public proxies my settings were these:

    [x] Automatically search for new proxies every 720 minutes
    [x] Only new added
    [x] Automatically disable bad proxies on use
    Test Threads: 100 (depends on connection)
    Timeout: 5 (you can lower it to 3 if you have good proxy sources

    Proxy Sites: socks,,,, google (all),, pastebin - google,,, proxysheet

    But you have to make sure that the proxy lists work for you. So you should test each proxy lists by yourself and keep those with the best results. 
    The lower the timeout setting, the faster the proxy test. With low timeout settings you retain the fastest proxies, which is a good thing of course. 
    Keep an eye on the working proxy number. Once you feel that you run out of proxies you should sort the dead and alive proxies by speed, mark all with <2s and re-test them (right click -> test selected). 

    To your project settings I recommend:
    [x] Also unknown PR 
    [ ] Also analyse and post to competitors backlinks

    [x] Use proxies for Posting (as recommended by GSA with public proxies)

    [x] Create list of found sites [ ] successful
    [ ] verified

    You should also create a folder for each site list type (identified, submitted, verified). The site lists come in handy once you create tier-2 projects or a new project.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Spend $10 for 1 month and get some private proxies. Then do your test...if it works great...if not, we you know it's not the proxies! 

    Also - use many keywords as this helps a lot! (I try and have over 1000).

    Then - make sure you have edited the default spintax comments. Or try and write some of your own. This should improve your verification rate. 
  • Ok, again I don't know or understand squat about proxys or how to test them.,.. or how to set them up or what to buy or jack shit.... you may as well be talking a foreign language to me on this issue. This program has just stopped working altogether... On the latest run I have had this running on one site and switched the other three I had going and after 4 hours..... the count is zero for submitted and zero for verified.... 

    Any help could be useful otherwise this is another $100 I have just flamed.  

    I really don't know what to look for on why this is not working. This is not the trial version now. 
  • Also I have only about 20 or so keywords and I don't understand how you could possibly include 1000 keywords that would have relevance to the topic or to the site, Can you give examples of the spintax comments?

  • just bought 10 private proxies, still not getting any links PLEASE HELP
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    Difference private / public proxies: There are a couple of threads which cover this topic and give advice where to buy private proxies. Make use of the search function of this forum as well as the "Tags" you see at the bottom right.

    Keywords: use Google Keyword Tool to get more relevant keywords. Be creative.

    Spintax example: {Hello World!|Hi World|Hello There Everyone}
    You get as a result 3 different sentences: 
    - Hello World!
    - Hi World
    - Hello There Everyone

    If you combine many spintax in one comment-file you get everytime a different comment without duplicates.

    In general I give you the advice to make use of Google if you don't understand about what we are talking. How to get new keywords, what is spintax and the difference of proxies is general knowledge and could be answered by yourself respectively google in seconds.

    When you have further problems with SER related to your submission rate you should copy part of the log file to the forum or upload it to 
    No one of us has clairvoyant abilities and know whats wrong with your set up if you don't give us more specific descriptions.
  • Thanks for your advice. 

    First, I understand spintax example as you have put it. but what I mean is do you have a good example of a complete comment spintax that would give someone new to this a good idea of what a complete one should look like. 

    My point with the keywords was not where to find them, but 1000 keywords that are relevant to the website is a tall order surely that is not possible? 

    Proxies may be general knowledge to you, but its double dutch to me, and finding the information and knowing how to set them up may be easy for you, but I do not follow.... 

    How do you copy the log file?

  • Does the manufacturer of the software give support or is it only available through the forum?

  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    Spintax example: open "comments.dat" in "...\GSA Search Engine Ranker\Engines" with a texteditor and you have a ton of examples.

    Keywords: when you have only 20 keywords the search engines won't give you any more new results (= target URLs to post to) when everything had been searched. Could it be that you confuse "Anchor Text" with "Keywords"?

    Log: stop SER --> mark the log with your mouse -> rightclick copy -> paste to -> copy/paste link to this forum
  • Thank you. I purchased a list of proxies and watched the video on how to set them up and restarted the program. It seems to be gathering links again. 

    No I am not confusing keywords with anchor text. Thanks for the tip on the comments section

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