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[Suggest] Kindly Suggest me Good Server which can handle 100 projects



  • @GlobalGoogler You can tell me what kind of details and tests you want me to perform and I would more than happy to provide the stats and results for you because of my tests would be absolutely technical.

    @kilauea999 I am glad it's all working good for you and enjoy the dedi! :)

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    As an unsolicited review - PowerUpHosting has a solid reputation, provides excellent service and does a very good job for several communities we are both associated with.

    100 threads are not a problem for all but the lowest servers he offers.
  • poweruphostingpoweruphosting Los Angeles
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    @GODOVERYOU Thank you for the words, it's feels good when people speak such kind words.

    But ya, It all depends on what kind of config you choose. A lot of times I have seen people asking me if they can whole lot of SEO tools on just a small 1CPU and 1GB RAM VPS, Infact I have seen people running about 5-10 SEO tools on a small VPS and they complain about lack of speed.

    Also, another important thing is people should slowly start using or upgrading to dedicated server (As the income increases) if they really wanna enjoy using all the SEO tools.

  • Also, another important thing is people should slowly start using or upgrading to dedicated server (As the income increases) if they really wanna enjoy using all the SEO tools.

    That's absolutely true! I use several 8 core servers for various tools but I certainly didn't start there. It's extremely important to control costs. Google doesn't owe anyone a living and a great way to put yourself out of business is to buy with your dick and not your head.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @poweruphosting - I don't have a set of specific tests I want you to run. I'm just asking what tests YOU would suggest that could allow us to see how different hosting handles. It's all about matching the right hosting with right needs. No point buying a ferrari when the speed limit is 60 :-) Currently I use another host and I'd like to know what tests you would advise to run. Then when I've done them I can see what others are experiencing. E.g. it sounds nice to have a 1gb port, but I haven't been close to maxing out the one I've got, so until it restricts me, no point to upgrade it. 

    I just figure you must be one of the most knowledgable people about what tests we can do to test different hostings to find out the best one. 
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    @GlobalGoogler I started with GSA on a VPS using an i5 (!!) processor with 1GB of RAM, then as it GSA got bigger a 2GB VPS with an i7, then a 4GB VPS with a Xeon W3520.  I would say that each time I hit my cap I hit the CPU max first before anything else, then RAM.  I'm speaking strictly in terms of hardware here, not considering proxies at all, and that is running only GSA and nothing else.  If I had to run SB I had a separate VPS for it.  

    With each VPS I was limited to the number of projects I could run simultaneously.  I reached the point where a dedi made much more sense, since I could get links faster with more projects AND run other stuff (SB, WAC, etc.) at the same time.  Now I believe my limitation is just proxies, based on my previous statements.  I've already made the monthly costs back with room to spare, so the investment was worth it.

    I would suggest pushing GSA to the limit with whatever you have, and then adjust accordingly.  Unless your provider is absolutely shite I don't think any set of hardware tests are going to satisfy you until you see real-world performance.  I.e., just build dem links!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @kilauea999 - thanks for the update. Exactly my point! You've matched your needs to your system. Another point I'd like to get clarity on, is it better to have 3 VPS (2gb RAM, which is all GSA can handle, but not maxing out CPU either) or 1 dedi? 

    What I'm looking for is to run some tests against different servers and see the results. 
  • @GlobalGoogler It's always better and cheaper to get a dedicated server than getting 3VPS. Easier to manage, full control over the server and you can start working with high tier settings.

    For example, I can easily run 300 threads and over 60 Projects on my dedicated server @20-40% CPU consumption and 20-30% RAM consumption along with CS.

    This gives me an opportunity to start using other tools on the same server. But again it depends on server config, cpu speed, quality of network and over all server built.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @poweruphosting - very interesting! I've got a longer contract with my VPS, but can you send me the dedi link? Maybe for my next upgrade I'll also run a dedi. 
  • @GlobalGoogler I have sent you a PM
  • poweruphostingpoweruphosting Los Angeles
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    Oops double post
  • @poweruphosting Please send me the offer for dedi server. Hope that is affordable for my budget. Thanks

  • @poweruphosting If you could please send me that offer also... I am very interested. Thanks NR
  • Can definitely recommend poweruphosting's dedicated servers in this situation. I was previously with a VPS provider, and found that on jumping to poweruphosting, the difference was IMMENSE
  • @chikenjoy and @nicerice PMed you both
  • I was just now talking with UG from @poweruphosting.

    From what I learned by talking direct with UG on Skype just now this service will definitely do what I need.

    UG took the time to personally investigate my needs and recommended me toward the path to service my level without overselling at all. He is truly knowledgeable and I believe honest.

    Now to convince my business partner that we need a vps!
  • @poweruphostig - I'm interested as well - would you send it along to me?  Is the info you're PMing different than what is on your offer page that we get to from within GSA? 
  • I'm very curious to give poweruphosting a try but... I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone there and no one is returning messages. I've tried to reach them via a comment here, a direct email, a message on their site and submitting through their contact form on their site. 

    Normally I would just give up, but from what I read here, they sound like good people/good company/good service.  Can anyone who is using them verify (or refute) that they are good and reliable???  I'm reluctant to order directly when I can't reach anyone.

    Thanks in advance,

  • @mexiken I ain't sure on which email did you email to us because we usually reply back to tickets/emails in 10-20 minutes. But I am PMing you
  • Just to follow up, I just had a LONG chat with UG @poweruphosting and I can confirm what others here have said... a GREAT guy to deal with. 

    I'm getting set up with one of their packages and looking forward to being able to get a lot more from GSA than I have been (which also means I'll probably be here posting a ton of questions!)

    Thanks all,
  • Can you also hit me up with a pm about your dedi?
  • @pietpatat PMed you.
  • Can I get a pm too Mr Poweruphosting? Thank you kindly.
  • I have ask this question before and i got respond from other gsa member to try OVH dedicated server service. I have check their site and their price is great.

    dedicated server link : and a budget dedicated server :

    I just buy dedicated server also, but i didn;t buy the OVH server cause somehow i can't buy it. So i search for their reseller and found

    I hope you found it useful, and i know your situation cause i was very frustrated because of this vps problem.
  • @poweruphosting, if you can send me the same message related to your dedicated server offers, thanks
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    sorry, double post
  • @Hunar what is your cpu?
  • @Tropics We are soon launching these officially on our brand new website and with an amazing price and offer so I will send you an message very soon.
  • can you send me a message also poweruphosting
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