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[Suggest] Kindly Suggest me Good Server which can handle 100 projects

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Hi !

 Kindly Suggest me Good Server which can handle 100 projects at time.




  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Is this even possible? I kinda figured GSA would really start to underperform with more than 20-30 projects.
  • I use about 100 projects on Poweruphosting, but they don't all run at the same time. I use the scheduler. 10 at a time. I just set it to change the 10 every 30 minutes so they all get an even distribution of backlinks.
  • Hey @vinku you can easily run 100 projects on my server specially if you go with dedicated server. People are getting kick ass results with the dedicated server along with a huge server stability and awesome power.

    I have special deals and server configs available just for GSA people. Will send you a message shortly with all the details.

  • Hey Powerup send me the details as well. I cant afford xrumer at this time but want to push GSA to its limit with a Dedi in the meantime.
  • I can confirm that Poweruphosting dedi server will deff be able to handle 100 Projects.  I have something close to that running at 500 threads  and it is still only at 40% cpu usage.   It's pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

  • @Hunar That's on a single copy of GSA, correct?
  • @Hunar Thank You for mentioning that and I am glad it's working awesome for you!

    I can post all kinds of screenshot etc and all other details if anyone of you want.
  • @poweruphosting, if you can send me the same message related to your dedicated server offers, thanks
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    We run a powerup dedi too (along with other servers). We run Gsa and some custom coded software all at the same time each with 200+ threads, while still remaining < 50% cpu usage. The only thing that we really tax is the connection line ;)
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    @poweruphosting Please send me the related dedicated server offer, I was just looking for something like that.
  • poweruphostingpoweruphosting Los Angeles
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    Thank you so much, I am glad you are loving the deadly powerful dedi which was a custom design for GSA users :)


  • Yes this is a single copy of GSA  I own about 3 Copies of GSA.  So more Dedi's will be coming that's for sure. :)
  • @Hunar lol I know you are loving it! :D
  • Well I just got my dedi from Poweruphosting and am putting 1 project through the paces now as a regression test for functionality.  Everything looks good so far.  Can't wait to pump up the volume. :)
  • @kilauea999 Haha!! Awesome :D
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Hunar - what dedi plan are you on? 
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  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Hunar - your post didn't come through... :-) It's blank...or is that deliberate!
  • @poweruphosting, please send me the message related to your dedicated server offers - thanks!
  • @livewire Just PMed you
  • @poweruphosting - what configuration do you suggest for GSA on a dedicated as I am using your Top 4GB VPS and its choking with 100 threads on Global Site List import and identification?
  • @SiNeX I just PMed you
  • poweruphosting please send me dedicated server details
  • Me too, send me the dedi offer plz.
  • @hoanggiaquang87 and @mamadou PMed you both
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @poweruphosting  - it seems many are suggesting various servers here. It seems you focus on quality.

    Can you outline a number of tests that users of other servers and your servers can do so we can correctly compare the different VPS options? You mentioned a speedtest is not ideal. Maybe can you outline 5 tests that we can do to test the servers? This would allow us to have a good discussion about the options and would benefit everyone here greatly.  
  • poweruphostingpoweruphosting Los Angeles
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    @GlobalGoogler Sure, I will PM you and you can give me all the details which you want me to take care of. I will do all the necessary test and provide you a screenshot.

    Further, the network won't really affect your results because GSA barely consumes 1-3% of your whole network, so if you are hosting on 1Gig port, GSA won't even consume more than 10-30 Mbps.

    The reason I use 1Gig port is to prevent the server from clogging up since there will be other people on that network as well.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @poweruphosting - was just looking for a general set of tests you could share on this forum so members can take a look at their setups and compare it in a useful manner. I figured you have the most knowledge about what the correct tests are to run and might be willing to share. 
  • Just to add a bit of perspective on the power of a dedi: I am up to about 20 projects at 300 threads with Scrapebox going at 200 threads for all 4 engines, plus doing a large Identify + Sort In for a linklist at the same time and can barely put a dent in my server.

    Right now I'm limited on proxies so I can't push much higher without GSA slowing down.  But more proxies are definitely on the horizon.
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