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Recaptcha OCR Beta Testing!

We are currently doing some tests, you are welcome to register and try our service for free currently. We will be closing the register form once we have enough testers to bombard our current test server, so hop in before that happens... Each user will be given 5 threads as of now! You can register here: For more information please visit:


  • sound good.. i'll hop in fast.. so there will be credit base or subscription base (unlimited solving)?
  • subscription based,,
  • please guide me.. i already tried the setting told in member page.. but i don't know.. it does not work for me.. ok let me tell you what i did

    i edit the host file.. and put ip/host from settings page of members area.. and save

    i try to simulate via captcha breaker.. which i select that 2nd service.. and put the decaptcher.. the username (i register) and the password (the decaptcher password i set on settings page of members area). When i click test.. nothing happen and error login.. did i done anything wrong? or i miss a few step??
  • same here
  • Not working for me. I registered about week ago, when @spyrodelphi talked about it in warriors forum, still his recaptcha ocr don't work for me.
  • hi guys please setup a new account and don't forget to update your decap api password,
  • spyrodelphi you mean register new account, new username and new password?
  • i couldn't test this either ... test in ser could never connect ..
  • @ eyman! yes please.. @ kaykay what's your username?
  • edited February 2014
    hi guys please add me on skype! captchaeaterhelp
  • @kaykay i will increase your thread to 20 if you are willing to test now so that we can find what causes the problem
  • edited February 2014
    add me on skype captchaeaterhelp
  • i did ...waiting for you ;)
  • @KayKay how it works for you?
  • UPDATE: To use our service with GSA, select "decaptcher API with IP" use your captchaeater username as login, password that you set on settings page as password. For Ip port, use the ip you are assigned, for the port use 80, e.g. if is the assigned ip for you dont use the ip given in settings page
  • @spyrodelphi, I see in your website:
    "*Note that each account is thread locked, so if you reached your threads, the request will get an answer (network error) and thus your success rate will go down."

    Can you change it, so when threads will be max out, your service will not give answer to recaptcha "network error" - so other OCR can respond to this captcha?
  • edited February 2014
    @micha, It doesnt give out an answer "network error", it gives out a status error network error. Its a decaptcher specific protocol. gsa will know it as not answered and will use the next captcha service in line.
  • edited February 2014
    Hi @spyrodelphi, service is working now after I made a new account to test it out.

    However I cannot get the service to work using Ubot (Wizmail Mass Email Creator sold on this forum specifically) - any tips?  I'm trying to solve ReCaptcha served by if that's any help.

    The bot is showing $10 balance when I set use Recaptcher so it's connected OK (I'm assuming) and other bots are working.
  • @Dijil add me on skype captchaeaterhelp so that we can discuss this problem, thanks
  • Added you
  • Actually its wierd - Freeola never used to use a captcha, then it was using Recaptcha ... and now it appears to not be using a captcha again.  However GMX email still isn't working which does definitely use ReCaptcha. 

    Just letting you know in case you're looking at the issue with Freeola.
  • hi guys! today is the last day of our beta test! thanks for those who signed up as testers, we will be launching the paid service sooner..
  • @Diji1 i will take a look and check this out
    @spyrodelphi i have added you on skype
  • edited February 2014
    Can you add support for direct connection to GSA CB, because I have other software that uses GSA CB with the decaptcha hosts entries and if I change the hosts file GSA will cease to work with my other software.
  • @SeriousWrong please add us on skype captchaeaterhelp
  • paid service is live!
  • is this still available for testing? i just signed up to your website but i don't know what to do from there...
  • @dvolker testing is over we already launch the paid subscription
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