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[SER] Proxies

edited October 2012 in Bugs

i believe the proxy checker is buggy

- loaded with only paid proxies i have in options
automatically disable bad proxies DISABLED
- but still SER unchecks them
- also i think the proxie checker is a bit buggy, i have like 50 dedicated private proxies, and they test just fine in SB, but 11 or them are quite often down in SER, talked with the hoster, he checked the shit out of them, and me too, they always work in brower just SER is reporting them as not working


  • SvenSven

    That topic has been discussed a lot already. Change the test server/string and it might work for you. By default it is checking against .Maybe the proxies are banned there. Use something else please.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Sven - maybe you can add a yahoo and google se to the proxy test in a dropdown? This way people can just select one from a drop down? I.e. test the proxy on Yahoo, Google and Bing?
  • argh this new proxy thing driving me nuts, i have like 80 paid proxis and all fail in the test, can you make it like it was before, there it worked for people which less technical understanding of proxies
  • what "new proxy thing" you are talking about?
  • I have also dificulties to get what i want from proxies. Could you point me to more detailed documentation about proxys? I read what i can find on forum and also short documentation. I use external proxy and this what GSA harvest. External proxys are elite proxies and they are 100% accepted by SB or another Google harvesters. How I can configure GSA to harvest and use only elite google proxies? I try to change some settings but this dont looks like I can force GSA to mark as good only elite google proxies. Any tips?
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