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All submissions failed

Followed instructions... submitted website - all failed... "sever down or changed submit page" was the error message for every single one of them. Don't know what I am doing wrong.


  • SvenSven
    hmm of course there are always some sites that might not work, but all?
  • i can send a screenshot. it was up to like 1700 failures and 0 successes. then i aborted the task. 
  • Hello again. I have bought three products from you in the past week. Auto submitter, se ranker and the indexer program. If I cannot get any assistance on this I would like a refund on the auto submitter seeing that it expires after one month anyway. I have not been able to use it like I have been saying. I would prefer some assistance in getting this program to work however and use it for another month without a charge. There is little documentation on it and no youtube videos that I could find.  
  • SvenSven

    This is the first time you came to me asking for support. I reply to every email or concern helping to fix it. Why didn't you use the demo version before buying it? There is no refund because of this.

    If you get 0 success for it I guess it's due the fact that the program has no access to the internet at all (blocked by firewall or anti virus). If you like, I can have a look on your system if you give me some access to it (send me an email with login details).

  • I am happy to go through documentation or tutorials to diagnose/troubleshoot my problem but this is not available so I am forced to ask for assistance. (I have voiced a concern with another issue however). Not upset here, just looking to proceed with what I purchased.

    I am submitting fine with the gsa indexer program and also am using magic submitter with no problems.  

    What login details do you need?
  • SvenSven
    check pm.
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