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Is there option to edit only engines for multiple projects?

I cant find option to edit only engines in multiple projects at once.
I want to quickly add new engine if there is a new in SER update - and editing with "Engines/Option" is not good becouse i have different settings for projects
Is there any option ?
if no @Sven can you add this ?


  • edited January 2014
    select a few -> right click -> modify project -> edit only engines/options
  • @KayKay this option also edit options tab in projects - and i dont want to do that - in many projects i have different settings in option and do not want to change them. Only want to change engines
  • oh i see .. i got same options in my Tiers projects and same in secondary ones ... so that works for me .. you checked out - edit only single option for all ?
  • Yes, but i cant find engines there :(
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