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edited October 2012 in Need Help
I backup my 30+ projects for my own reasons

and then i did a mistake on a particular projects

i delete all the projects and hopefully i could recover that project by the use of "Backup"

and then when i restore that "Backup"

only 10 of my project where back

what should i do ? :(

I am 100% that i used BACKUP on all 30+ projects



  • SvenSven
    Well I am 100% sure that the backup is bugfree :P Sorry I can't help you really. You can try to upload the backup and I have a look if you want.
  • Sven ok

     then do you have a recycle bin on GSA so that i can recover my project?

     I realy need to recover it

     and I`m also wondering why didnt your back-up system failed :(
  • SvenSven
    a delete is a delete without recycle bin sorry.
  • I've had a similar issue before when backing up many projects at once, but it was through my own fault, and luckily i realised before deleting the projects within GSA itself. The backup was taking a long time to complete, and so i think i closed down the program before it had finished backing up. That, or i done something to basically interrupt the backup. I then tried to restore this backup onto another system, but it only restored a few of the projects. You sure you didn't do something similar?
  • doubleup i think we did something similar . And you have a point there , maybe the GSA is not done w/ the back-up procedure then i rushly close GSA .
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    You don't have to highlight each campaign one by one anymore you can just right click and go to "backup all" .. just in case ya didn't know. :)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    If only the new back up setting option (nice feature) would back up our licence data as well, make swapping servers etc much faster :)
  • security wise this is a very bad idea i suppose.
  • Backup All doesn't really work. I get a Save dialog but cannot specify a filename for the backup. I'm trying to change machines and backing up one at a time ain't gonna get the job done.
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