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Anchor Text in URL Not Working

@Sven Hi, when I enter a URL in the following format in the URL section and test it out the result shows that it only uses the first keyword. I am keeping the Anchor Text box cleared and don't have any of the other anchor text related checkboxes checked. When I go to test the output it shows the first keyword, and if I keep hitting it to switch sometimes it will show generic keywords, even though I don't have the box to use generic keywords ticked. It seems to be a bug, can we get a fix for this as I really need to be able to load multiple URLs with each having its own unique anchors attached to them. Thanks.


  • Not sure why my post is coming up as one big block of text when I specifically made paragraphs out of it. Sorry if it's hard to read that way..
  • SvenSven

    And thats the problem: You used url#main.anchor#secondary.anchor as format, but from your post you might wanted to add:

    url#{main anchor1|main anchor2|...}

    You have to use spin syntax. The second # defines the secondary anchor text that you disabled.

  • OK, thanks Sven! Working great now that i'm using the right format. The reason I was using it the way I showed in my first post is because that's the format SER put it in when I clicked to add a URL with anchor and secondary anchor.
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