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Best practice settings for WEB2/Money Site -Trouble with GSA

Hi there!

Purchased GSA SER, GSA Indexer, GSA Captcha Breaker, 10 proxies from buyproxies, instantlinkindexer about a month ago.
Also as recommended in the forums purchased the following list:

Imported the list in the submitted folder and pointed each project to that list, no scrapping
Setup 3 projects in total linking to 15 manually created web2 accounts each.

First of all the LPM rate is very low, 1.8 sometimes 2 lpm,
Second... getting many different error messages in the log files, like:
no engine matches, download failed, wrong engine detected, no form at all, submission failed, already parsed, verification not successful,cant logon to hotmail(spam filter is disabled, i tested each email account and am able to logon ok)

Read a lot, different ideas tried and tested and don't see any difference.
Many video tutorials out there are outdated, created in 2012 and many things have changed since then....some of the settings mentioned in the videos are not in the software any longer.
I have made an investment hoping will see some results but just don't see any increase in the rankings yet.
I know a month is a short period to expect any increase in rankings but i just don't see a light at the end of the tunnel yet.
What am i doing wrong?
I understand that you guys are pro's when it comes to GSA, but please help a newbie out.

Can someone post a best practice settings for a 3 tier project? Any step by step print screens?
What settings do you use for each tier, which engines/platforms, when you create links to your money site and when you create links to manually created web2 accounts.

I am having hard time configuring GSA properly....i want it to work but at this point i just don't see it working for my rankings.



  • Hello @toralb,
    me too I'm new here on GSA, I bought it around 1 month ago.

    First, really, you have to watch ALL the videos on the FAQ page, this:

    I watched it BEFORE to buy GSA Ser (and I didn't understand very much), and again I watched most of them AFTER to buy and directly to test GSA Ser. When you test everything, day by day you will improve and understand the most of options.

    After, just search informations on the forum for the single options, and finally ask here help for some of the functions you still don't understand.

    There is no other way to learn the HUGE amount of informations you need for to start pretty good projects.

    And for rankings.... I think you have to wait not less than 2 months, of course depending of your niche, competitions, seo in-page, etc.

    Good luck!
  • thanks peterpeseo...any feedback from people that have used GSA for longer than a month?
  • Don't worry about low lpm at first. Work at getting the results that you want out of it first. There are so many settings and ways to use SER that I would recommend you work at understanding it first. I am no expert but I would say it took me 2 months or so till it clicked for me.

    You might feel like you already spent enough money, but one thing that helped me a lot was to buy a few pre-built SER projects. That way you know you are staring with a reasonable base and you can experiment and tweak from there.

    I used this:
    which I found on this forum @royalmice.
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