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So many Indexers now, which do you use

There are so many services for indexers, and who knows they could all be the same (or fraud). I am using incredible indexer and I have to say I am extremely disappointed so far, I sent over 20K links it is not working well. Curious what you guys use and your results.


  • Oh I also use the GSA indexer.
  • am dissapointed with Incredible indexer too and they not even reply to your mail. guess i got scamed
  • cherubcherub
    I don't currently use any indexers. I index my contextuals with blog comments, trackbacks, guestbooks and image comments. Though I have to admit I haven't tried any of the new crop of services.
  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
    i'm using express indexer, second month into my subscription and i have no issues at all.
  • ^how quick have your links been indexed. beause like 60% of my links are not indexed yet or more
  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
    edited January 2014
    if this question above is to me, i only use gsa to build my links so i don't know about other tools/ratios..

    but my links seem get indexed within 5-10 minutes of submitting them.. I have the API plugged in to GSA but I also like setting up my tier 1 links in their web interface, i can name my submissions with something i can remember and then set up the drip feed for my tier 1 links..

    but for normal api submissions and indexing rates, i would have to say its around the high 60% just after 10 minutes of submission, i build solely contextual links and some profiles.

    i was using lindexed for 2 years and also started indexification, so i was paying a fair amount of money for both services, but i've got to say, this service does far more than them two combined so i'm happy. edit: i also use gsa indexer once a month to index anything that is not already indexed, full index mode.
  • what % in total would you say are indexed? After a week or so
  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
    i have not recorded 1 week results but for 1 month, i have around 84% out of around half a million urls.
  • @tsaimllc and @chela1980 how are you checking the indexing rates of Incredible Indexer?
  • I use Express Indexer too and would concur with @aquaticminerals' numbers.

    Being totally honest I don't check everything, but the ones I do check at random seem to be 50-70% indexed after a week or two, although I will say it is platform dependant - Some platforms you will never get indexed.
  • @JudderMan I used scrapebox now. I made a new blogspot blog and blast it a little with 136 backlinks, after 24h according to Scrapebox 25 of 136 are indexed - is this good score? Am new at indexer services so dont know if its good or not, please advice
  • Thanks @chela1980 and @tsaimllc - I've just checked my latest verified list from Jan 1-22 and Scrapebox only checked 8k then started giving error407s. Out of those 8k, only 5k were verifed. I know it's not a big enough number to test, maybe I need some new proxies to test the rest.

    @chela1980 it depends what sort of links those were. If they are articles they might still be waiting to be checked by a moderator. 
  • @judderman I was talking about Articles, Social bookmark / network and Microblog. Am using that for T1. should i use some other platforms for T1? Also i sent verified links so i guess the links there are already online and not waiting for any kind of moderation
  • Fair point Chela. I do think that to test the indexer that we should look at higher numbers, and get a % figure. I'll keep on testing my verified links and get some percentages and be back. If it's not good, I'll move onto to ExpressIndexer or whatever the other ones are. I'm not up to 100k per day so I could get a smaller package from one of the other indexers.
  • yea, they should provide some kind of stats, atm i dont feel any difference using this or just building tiers. i may be wrong ofc as I am begginer but i want to spend my money good so please share test results later ;)
  • Tim89Tim89
    @chela1980 Hey mate, there was a very good comparison written up by mexiken on my service thread if you would like to have a read.
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