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How many proxies?

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I'm using 10 semi dedicated proxies through proxy-hub but they quickly get the google error. So how many proxies should I be using and are semi private ok? I've read of people using 100+ with gsa but thats $185/month for private proxies. Scraping free proxies didn't work to well for me. What do you suggest?


  • just use non-google SE instead like yahoo, msn, ecosia, info, izito, zapmeta, hotbot, and a google clone like sky. they will give good results, too.
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    I'm using for 68 SE's on two installations (one with 300 threads on VPS, one with 100 threads VM) and a delay time between the requests of 5s with 50 (which cost about 50$/month):
  • We use around 700 privates on a dedi. 

    The more the merrier - but we use pre-scraped lists too, so everything is faster.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I use a mix of semi dedicated and dedicated and that works well for me. Do whatever fits in your budget.
  • I use 20 semi dedicated with 3 projects so far and everything working just fine,
  • I wanted to use 20 private proxies what are my best options right now Im using the ones that GSA scrapes but my success rate is low.  Just guessing off the top of my head and knowing how many sites GSA scrapes for I would probably need hundreds. Im almost scared to even think of the price for that lol.. What would you guys recommend? What settings?
  • 20 will be fine for a start. Choose a company that lets you change them once a month, and your good to go. On a budget shared ones are a good start and very cheap.
  • I use 500 private, and I get them refreshed every other month.  This means every 2 months the IPs of my 500 proxies change.  It works great.  Even if they start dying, it usually only gets to about 300 or so of them before I already have new IPs.
  • @anon752,
    Can you please share with us where you are buying your proxies from???


  • I ll do same as Ozz, a mix of private and shared, sometimes i even put some free ones in the mix

    hoever i noticed there is a huge difference in quality from the widely known providers and between them which are not much known, saying the not much known are usually exceptionally better and even cheaper,

    i made very good experiences with, 100 shared ones are as low as 50$ and the quality is comparable with my far more expensive dedicated private ones,

    only downturn with them, is they work only with IP Authentification, So basially you need to have static IP or run it from your VPS, besides that they are awesome

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    500+ too => Buyproxies, re-newed every 4 weeks. 

    + a private source of public proxies (1k+ re-newed every hour) for scraping.
  • Hello,

    This is my first post here, so I am a total newbie with SER.

    I have some problems with speed when SER updates proxies.

    I realized that I need a VPS, plus some private or semi-private proxies.


    1 - Do you always recommend

    2 - Will SER can work with a private VPN as

    Thank you for your answers,


  • OzzOzz
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    1 - Many people use that VPS provider. Maybe you get the opportunity to test a VPS for a day and see if it works for you. 
    2 - AFAIK hidemyass has banned SER users when using their proxies. So I'm not sure if a VPN of HMA is a good recommendation
  • Thank you Ozz,

    You're always perfect ;)

    So, I will go with

    Thank you so much for your recommendations.

    Keep it running.


  • You're welcome.
  • @anon752  --  could you please share what VOLUME you are doing to get 500 proxies?  That way, I can consummately reduce it to my current level and make an appropriate purchase 
  • @ozz -- where were you hearing this about HMA banning SER users?

    I was testing out SER this last week with HMA -- and I was changing IPs every 4 minutes -- but I also wouldn't say that my success rate was anything to write home about.

    I noticed that when I tried to log back onto Los Angeles IPs -- I couldn't connect and got a message that there was NO active HMA VPN -- at which time I used the choose RANDOM IP across the US.  So I gather that the inability to connect to the Los Angeles servers was clear notification representing a ban.

    Would you say so?
  • @ozz -- while this guy does NOT mention GSA SER in his review -- he's been using HMA for 12 months now with NO issue -- and it seems he is using VERY intense query type software (SEnukeX, Market Samurai, etc.)
  • I'm using 20 dedicated proxies from buyproxies and having amazing success. Best money I've spent so far.
  • @stanger - and how many projects and runs are you doing daily, weekly, or I should say -- how many submissions does that cover approximately??? (not necessarily verified IBLs)
  • @fullspeed: there are at least 2 people at BHW who had problems with HMA. as i have no experience with them my recommendation HMA was very cautious. if you have experienced it otherwise than let us know.
  • Just remembered that I invested a measly 5 bucks for some semi-dedicated proxies 3 weeks ago that I still need to check out:

    After that I'll be in mode... :-D
  • @ozz -- well, I'm going to test GSA success rate with the Private proxies from post above -- and then test another project with HMA -- and then generate some observations, which I'll gladly share here...
  • All depending on the PR level I'm using for each project always is a factor in how many submissions I can get. I can easily get 8-10k submissions per 24 hours with a mixture of PR1 for tier1 and PR anything for tier2.
  • Okay -- sounds good!  I'll go for some of that if I burn out these Private proxies I bought for some heavy coin ($5), just tested and seem pretty responsive...

  • If you can get those to last for a period of time then that's a deal!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @fullspeed - $5 for how many private proxies? (where from?) 
  • reread his posts. hint: warriorforum
  • SvenSven
    Just a warning, some of these cheap proxies are in no way legal. Some are hacked PCs, Trojan infected botnets or whatsoever. The most cheapest thing is not always the best. Just remember my words ;)
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  • @globalgoogler -- yes -- just follow that link up above to the Warrior Special Offer and there is a signup button on the guys page.

    @Sven -- thanks for the warning.  I figure, however, that the WSO has been up there since May 26, 2012 -- and someone would have been reported and removed by now and, of course, a bunch of complainers on that thread. Had it been some no name forum, as I have been a Warrior member since 2005 I believe, I would have been way more skeptical and only go based on PERSONAL recommendations like those from the Great Ozz.  :-P
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