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Start a campaign-Generall info needed

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Hello guys

In first, sorry for my bad bad english (Im Italian).

This is the first time I try to run a "ranking" campaign by myself, and I'm little bit confused about it.

I've seen the video tutorials, but was better for me (and for my poor english) if was a .pdf

So, I understood that the best (and safe...) method for rank a site is run a "tier" campaign (GSA is powerfull but dangerous if not used in the right way I think...).

Let me know if the way below is the right way:

I need, let's say, at least 5 ORIGINAL handwritten articles, 500 or more words each.
After that, I need to spun these articles and start to posting for my tier1.

How many times I can (I need to...) spun an original article?
For how many day I have to spread this first T1 campaign(1 week, 2 week...) before move to built the T2?
What are the right platforms to use for this first T1 campaign?
How many anchor links in each articles would be good for the T1?
I have to diversify these links (main url, page url, etc...)?

Thanks in advance and sorry again for my poor english.


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