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Running GSA without verifying submitted links?

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Well as the title says :) Is there a way to run GSA with out it verifying the links. I just want to blast the hell out of the program and I don't want to verify links. I don't care about sending them to to GSA indexer or even pinging them or even building tier 2s. I just want to blast the software.

Right now I'm running 75 threads, and it gets about 11,000 submitted links a day. As far as I'm concerned, I could probably double that if it wasn't verifying every link! Is it possible to set it so it doesn't verify? If so, how? If not, could this option be added?

Thanks in advance.


  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    Never did that, but I suppose unchecking "verify submitted links" in project options -> options would do the job.
  • Ha. Talk about asking a stupid question! Thanks.

    I was looking in the wrong place. I must learn to look before I speak!
  • Motoring along nicely now. It's going about twice as fast!
  • Well -- I thought of doing the same -- but then you don't get the actual verified links to submit to the indexer to get them indexed.  Without getting them indexed -- what's the real worth of blasting away? :P

    Anywho - thought occurred to me -- is there any way to UNCHECK "verify submitted links" and then re-check after you've done a run -- then CHECK "verify submitted links" and put the project on "Active - Verify Only" -- would that work?  Or would it not run the process since it was originally checked?

    I'm gathering this may be a potential issue for the insider behind the coding -- Sven...
  • Another thought came to mind -- since it goes TWICE as fast without verifying -- and that is -- to have an option [checkbox] to DELAY VERIFICATION until the run is done -- either by meeting the quota of "X" number of submitted links checkbox -- or right after the stop button is pushed -- GSA can prompt and ask user you whether or not you would like to verify all links now before fully stopping the run.

    This way, it gives time for the link/blog comment/directory listing to appear before the verification process kicks in.

    Just a thought...
  • SvenSven
    @fullspeed if you run the project with "Active (Verify Only)" that setting in the project is ignored and a verification is done anyway.
  • @Full Speed. They will get indexed at some point or another. They just won't be indexed as quickly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm more about quantity with the way I use GSA. And I was getting 10,000 a day with indexing, I'm now up to 8,000 submitted links and only 9 hours into the day! :)

    Plus, you can just take the long list of submitted links and stick them in a pinging service like pingler or something. OK, you might be pinging a site where you link isn't there, but you can just put them in and forget about it.

    The problem with blasting the way I do with verification is that, for example, some guestbooks are so heavily spammed that you might send page 1 to the indexer, but by the time Google gets there your link is already on page 5 or 6! For me, the more links the better. Not so fussed about getting them indexed asap, google generally picks them up at some point or another.
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