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Captcha Sniper Destruction Kit

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I guess I've got the wrong forum, but here goes anyway! I've been away from SEO for a little while and before I was using GSA and CS with the destruction kit I would just save the images and get the destruction kit to solve them and it would find them by size. I now understand that it GSA actually tells CS which captcha it is after and not done by the size and that I need to name it exactly as the engine in GSA. So I have a question about how I use the destruction kit.

I save the unsolvable images with CS, but how do I know what engine it comes from in GSA?

If I've got the wrong end of the stick I'd be eternally grateful if somebody could run me though this. I sat watching CS at work and realized that a number of captchas that weren't recognized should very easily solvable, but I don't know how to connect them to the engine where they came from or what to save them as?


  • If you run CS with "detect platform" like you should do when running with SER only and save unknown captchas then CS will name those captchas already and sort it for you.
  • aha. Thanks. Didn't know that. Awesome.
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