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GSA creating a lot of blogs on

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In one project,GSA published a different blog 9 times on , "Avoid posting URL in same domain twice" is ticked.


  • Yep, i noticed the same thing and there are probably others.
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    Any answers here? Also, it seems but i cant verify it that its only posting to one blog and thats xfire. What about the other blogs? I have them all checked off yet i dont see any other blogs getting posts.
  • This is the weakest part of GSA..web2 simply dont work..I get the same 4-5 xfire and if I am lucky, i could get 3-4 other web2 sites..
  • I'm pretty sure that Sven is working on that or some more relevant, be patient this guy only have two arms! :-D
  • SvenSven
    Can someone send me the project backup where this xfire submission always appears? I can't find any bug in the code with this and the submission is skipped for me on my projects correctly.
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    Im running a new campaign and out of 1k links posted i can easily count 4 xfire posts. What about the other blogs? I see 3 or so. Definitely something wrong here.
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    same problem here, xfire being heavily abused by gsa. I even added "xfire" as a negative word but it didn't help.
    Any input on this issue?

    I meant - I added "xfire" as a negative word in the URL/Domain word list
  • you need to add "xfire" in the bad URL filter and not the bad word list. but i wonder why you like to do this and not just uncheck that engine??
  • My correction - I did add it into the unwanted URL/Domain word list but it keeps getting hammered.

    it made another one as I was typing

    What's the point of the "avoid posting to the same domain twice" if it keeps posting to the same domain.
    I didn't go through other verified sites, but does it mean that I'll probably find duplicate domains there as well (other than xfire) ?
  • why don't you just uncheck xfire???
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    Why does gsa submit to the same domain despite the setting "avoid posting to duplicate domain"???

  • OzzOzz
    edited December 2012
    maybe because its a tier2-project in a link pyramid? how should i know? just uncheck that engine and everthing is fine.
  • Oh you should know Ozz... You should know! :)
  • A lot of fellows around here still thinks that Ozz is a GSA employer!

    You guys should know that he is a great helpful contributor for the GSA community. But he is not an official GSA employer/coder.

    Regard the xfire problem , I don't see the same problem in my projects. It's better that someone sends his project's backup to Sven so he can replicate the problem. till that happens unchecking the engine is the right choice as a temp fix.

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    I have almost the same problem. Today GSA registered 2 times one by one under the different user name. The another problem is when I export account data to delete article from xfire I found username and password as other website's login. In particular

    1.    login=bebe0935 / password=9pxNlB7e
    2.    login=oliverrazo / password=LTW5FDts4

    and all this instead of Both login works on xfire you can check. I have deleted entry there and put xfire in skip site list. It is not problem but I'm worry about the mess in account data export. I found it just by chance. Dont know if the rest data is correct. By the way in both published articles on xfire the title of the articles were shorten unintelligible.  I mean the last spin block is  |With Lack Of Time} and in posted article it was "With Time". The second article's title has the similar problem. Actually whole title couldn't make sense.
  • My bad...                         MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!
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