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Help Please! Keyword Ranking and Submission

Hi, I recently purchased GSA SER and have been watching a lot of youtube video tutorials. My question is how do I focus on ranking specific keywords? For example if I wanted to rank "fresh strawberries" and Long tail "best strawberry recipes in the summer", where do I enter that into GSA SER? From what I understand, the Keyword field in GSA SER is used for scraping new target sites which I why people put 1000+ KW in that field. I filled out the rest of the fields with spun content using Kontent Machine. Any help would be appreciated to help me better understand the process/software!


  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited January 2014
    Howdy @jolt

    Keywords are what you want to search for/scrape sites using

    The fields where you put the KW you want to rank for are:
    Anchor Text
    Partial Match Anchor Text
    Secondary Anchor Text
    Branding Anchor Text
    LSI Anchor Text

    There are lots of posts discussing this on the forums, but this is a good one to start with:

    As a general tip, instead of using the forum search do a google site search like this:
    site: partial match anchor

    You'll finds tons of useful info that way :D

  • Thanks for the info. That makes more sense now.
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