Hundreds of thousands of verified links - only a few hundred indexed?

These are my projects: They're multi-tiered and link to one money site. The ones with really high link counts at the bottom are blog comments to get the other tiers indexed. After around a month now, I only have 219 indexed links on Ahrefs. I am using as well with GSA! What am I doing wrong?


  • Lindexed is crap, try Incredible Indexer.
  • @JudderMan just bought a month of that, let's see how that goes.
  • ronron
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    @Spikecore - I used Lindexed for 2 years. It was great for getting links crawled, and it was the best and most affordable way to try and get links crawled. But I never got above 35% indexed after a couple of months. I was very happy with that because there was no other affordable way to increase the indexing - until 2 months ago. Now the deal has completely changed.

    For the same price, services like incredibleindexer can process 100,000 links per day, and you will end up with 50% - 60% indexed within hours. Huge difference. To be fair, there are also two other indexer services that I believe use the same general approach to indexing and have similar results.

    Now that things have changed, you are literally throwing your money away with Lindexed. After the month runs out, you really should make the switch.

  • @ron Do you feel indexing your links helps a lot in getting better rankings? I never indexed my links and I'm ranking very well, so would like to know if it would help me :) Thanks
  • ronron
    Absolutely 100%. Not even one molecule of doubt.
  • @ewandy

    without being indexed, links won't be found = be overlooked in your serps and thus worthless for SEO
    as @ron above = 100% sure indexing is a must for full success

    all my submissions got indexed and MOST (some 50'000) of my submissions of past several months are available in Google webmaster tools as final confirmation of successful SER work

    I use
    up to 50'000 links per day is a good deal for that price
  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
    edited January 2014
    Links minus
    • nofollow
    • deleted
    • down websites
    • very slow websites
    • forum profiles, social bookmarking, social networking profiles with no comments backlinks against it
    • Bogus url like rather than or even other Url
    • robots.txt with noindex against a folder that contain the said url.

    There is many reasons of junk when creating backlinks. 

    Your backlinks using in google. 

    Compare in Excel or excel like the TIER 1 url and its TIER 2 to see whether the TIER 2 really point to the TIER 1. 

    The 1 million dollar advice: My TIER 1 urls were indexed faster by creating a TIER 2 against it with comments. It is much more effective than indexing services and GSA indexer but keep it between you and me :)
  • Thank you guys for the responses, I will buy a service soon. I'm doing very well without indexing in high competition niches, that's why I was asking.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @ewandy indexing services helps speed up the process and also allows you to control your backlink velocity +/-.

    When you're ready for a service, check out my one and a few others in the buy sell, section on this forum.
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