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What's involved moving GSA SER to another computer?

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After trying to multi-task with GSA running and trying to use Magical Article Rewriter at the same time -- it just aint happening on this 32-bit machine.

So I need to transfer GSA over to my 64-bit laptop with 8GB of ram to run by its lonesome.

Has anyone transferred an existing install from one machine to the other without loss of data?  And if so, how was that accomplished?

I'm figuring that I can just (1) do the clean install on the new machine and then (2) copy the data files from old install and overwrite the files in the appropriate directory of the new install.

Appreciate any confirmation to compress some time -- as it is ever so precious.  :D


  • You just do a fresh install and then copy the files over.
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    Just select all projects (don't forget to expand) with CTRL+A -> right click -> backup.
    When SER is installed on the new machine than -> right click -> restore.

    You just have to register your 2nd SER on that new machine with your license data. Don't forget that you are allowed to run only one instance of SER and close the other instance first.

    Edit: or what Stanger said, but those files are not compressed
  • My instincts are to do what the Stanger said -- but if it's got a Backup/Restore I'll take that for a dollah!

    I've used that function on my FTP software to restore fresh installs on new computers without fail.  Me like compression!

    Yeah -- I had that 2nd version running simultaneously on my mind since I checked that early on Friday -- so I've been totally hooked up by the Stanger Ozz combo!!!    :O)
  • I apologize, I meant to tell you what Ozz did about how to do the backup and then restore to your new system that way you get good integrity. Got lazy for a minute, sorry :)
  • No worries Stang!

    I woulda done the ol' tried and true "trial and error" and figured it out -- but as I see -- both of you saved me a good 1/2 hour from searching on the board and trying.

    Now I can fly blind-folded :D
  • I cannot figure this out.  I have used the backup feature but have no idea how to import that backup into the new VPS.  I would be nice if there was a video on this.

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